More Bigot Bashing Buffoons..

Over the past few days it would seem that my offerings have again inspired my “detractors” to rebellion, not with bullets or flying bottles of urine such as the wrongheaded mutineers in Ferguson, Missouri, albeit with the (words) as “sharp” as any shard of glass from one of those bottles.

Elyse from Riverside California provides a grand example of “race divide” with her rant; (an excerpt); “You are as bad as the police officer that shot Michael Brown.” Another excerpt; “Accusing Barack Obama and Eric Holder of being liars and hating white people is the oldest trick in the book.”

So what does someone say to an individual like Elyse?

Well, if that individual is me, he replies with the same “rant” dedicated to reality and truth that inspired Elyse to compose her rant to chastise me.

According to Webster: “lie,” (in context) n. A false statement deliberately presented as being true.

As an example; (for Elyse), and anyone else that believes Barack Obama and Eric Holder our righteous honest men.

When an individual assumes credit for something he or she didn’t do, (in the English language), that situation is termed as a “fraud.”

According to Webster: “fraud,” n. A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.


In its simplest form; “A lie is fraud and fraud is a lie.”


There are currently a number of books on the market for sale that are credited as having been written by Barack Obama?

I have read the book, “Dreams from my Father,” from cover to cover and I have read enough of “the audacity of hope,” to exercise (my opinion), that Barack Obama isn’t the author of either publication.

Barack Obama, although quite elegant in speaking, and/or, more “correctly” ..reading from a Teleprompter, he is not a creator, architect or founder of anything.

Barack Obama is an individual, (detached) and separated by his own “eminence,” Barack Obama “in his marrow” has no friends, nor does he seek friends, as Barack Obama “in his marrow,” is frightened by everybody and everything that he encounters.

Anyone in America’s political arena can stand at a podium (rehearsed) and read from a Teleprompter, but few men in our history have risen to the level of George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, and no one has risen to the summit of the aforementioned men by setting in the back of the room.

Elyse in her communication labeled me a bigot and rightfully so.

According to Webster: “big·ot,” n. One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

I loved my mother and father and I had a strong relationship with both. Currently, I have three brothers, six nieces, three nephews, two cousins and four stepchildren and although I am not as close with all of them as I would like to be, I love them all.

As to religion, and/or, (my personal beliefs), I believe in God and I believe in treating others as I would like to be treated.

As to race, I am indeed partial to folks that look like me, think like me, vote like me and respect me as I respect them.

Politics; (no secret here), I am a constitutional conservative with absolutely no tolerance for progressive liberals that wish to dismantle the U.S. Constitution for personal gain.

Question: Do I understand mankind’s “desire” to walk on the moon?

Absolutely, “desire” is one of mankind’s strongest traits, in fact, (desire)…

According to Webster: “de·sire,” To wish or long for; want. what drives us as human beings, and/or, Homo sapiens to do everything that we do, and to everything we say, write or convey.

Desire drives us to spend four dollars for a big Mac, desire is also what drives some of us to get out of bed in the morning and crusade for a return to veracity and civility, while it drives others to disdain, greed and corruption.

So the next time that someone out there wants to drop the hammer on me because I’m White and I believe in truth justice and the American way, think about the following…

…currently 73.6% of America’s population is categorized as “white,” and/or Caucasian. Without that 73.6% of America’s population that is categorized as “white,” and/or Caucasian, there would be no source, no U.S. treasury… fund the big “red white and blue” airplane setting on the tarmac waiting for a call from our Commander-in-Chief, nor would there be any assistance, and/or, “entitlements” for the folks that cast their votes for him.

Without the 73.6% of America’s population categorized as “white,” and/or, Caucasian, America would be a nation as advanced as Africa.

The truth can bite you in the ass, I’ll be back tomorrow

Darth Lepus 1


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