Why is America declining in value?

Simple, because America’s schools and universities teach America’s young people (not) to believe in themselves.


Which has declined more over the last 100 years, – the U.S. dollar or the U.S. citizen?

In my opinion, (it’s a tossup), however if I absolutely had to choose, I would choose the U.S. citizen.

A brief explanation, as (in my considered opinion), anything beyond brevity is confusing to the Lions share of America’s current citizenry.

Folks from around the world, albeit primarily from Europe began coming to America in the early 1500’s, although historians place little significance on the settlers that arrive in America between Columbus’s voyages and the Mayflower’s voyage in 1620.

On December 16, 1773, in a political protest, and/or, (an in your face demonstration) by the Sons of liberty in Boston, in opposition to King George the third’s “Tea Tax.” A group of disgruntled American citizens dumped ‘ol King George the third’s tea into the Boston harbor.


Americans, (true to the core) Americans have never been “large” on un-apportioned or unreasonable taxation.


The Americans that braved the frontier and built this nation with an axe, a plow and a musket were of sturdier stock than today’s generation of lamp wristed lonely texters, because when folks don’t have to work for their survival, their survival is placed on the back burner.

Why work for what your neighbor has, when you’re coddled by an ideology that will provide you with what your neighbor has for nothing more than your vote.

According to Webster: “la·zy,” Resistant to work or exertion; disposed to idleness.


As I am currently unable to insert pictures and graphics into my offerings; please imagine Barack Obama with his feet on the desk in the Oval Office, thank you.


According to Webster: “worth·less,” Lacking worth; of no use or value.

On December 23, 1913, then Pres. Woodrow Wilson signed into law, “The Federal Reserve Act,” (breaking covenants) with the U.S. Constitution to strike a deal with the (Federal Reserve Banking System), a private US Corporation to print and value US currency.

Accordingly, for 101 years now the federal reserve banking system, and/or, the Rothschild family and Bank of England have had full and unfettered access and control of the US treasury and every tax dollar there-in contributed by the US taxpayer.

Final question: Why is U.S. currency in the hands of a family based in Austria?

Simple: Because the majority of America’s citizens are lazy, apathetic, (uneducated academics) and stupid.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Darth Lepus 1


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