Big “O” ..on the road again!

Air Force One - skyward

This week in the News it was reported, (that while Israel and the Ukraine burn), our fearless lead from behind” Cmdr. and chief was advising the nations of Africa on etiquette, and/or, on the Obama (path) to prosperity and living in harmony with your neighbors. 🙂

And who paid for Mr. President’s junket?

taxpayer screwed

Why the good folks, and/or, the working class taxpayer in the good old USA.

Employed or unemployed, the citizens of America provided another batch of…

$1 million bill

Million dollar bills, so that Obama could share his policies of tax and spend with impunity into bankruptcy.

people laughing 1

And I suppose if it was someone else’s money, I might find it funny as well. Albeit, it is not someone else’s money, it is the American taxpayer’s money.

Obama's shovel ready jobs 1a

Money that could be used for jobs and infrastructure.

Being an optimist, I choose to believe that there are still a lot of people in America who remember what life was like when unemployment was at an (actual) 4% under Ronald Reagan, not the skewed employment figures perpetrated by the most non-transparent…

Obama feet on Desk 2

..administration in the history of America.

A parting thought to ponder…


Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Darth Lepus 1


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