Where’s the Beef..

where's the beef - graphic

America is and has always been a nation of bulls ready to defend its borders, its citizens, and its allies.

Teddy Roosevelt mounted

America used to employ men with grit, gumption and a duty to the Constitution, men that put their lives on the line for this nation.

Question: When did the beef, and/or, duty and patriotism in America morph into baloney?

According to Webster: “morph,” (in context) n.

change poster - Obama

According to my pearls of profundity Unabashed Dictionary; Change is something that a working man or working woman is supposed to have left in their pockets after purchasing a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread with a dollar.

give it a rest 1

Change is not (under honest leadership), a “redistribution” of wealth from the working class into the coffers of the elite, the shiftless and the moneylenders.

guts and glory 1

America’s leaders once stood firm in defense of democracy against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

great flexibility Mr. Pres

Barack Obama with his pen, his phone and his flexibility, have “reduced” America to a laughingstock.

judge Jeanine 5a

Mr. President, “respectfully” the world is falling apart due to your policies, please use your pen to resign and your phone to inform the world, ..do the right thing for once.

Final question:  Why does the Rothschild family (need) $400 billion?

The Judge for President in 2016, I’ll be back tomorrow

Darth Lepus 1


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