The gap between children and adults..

children - in the gap 2

According to Webster: “child,” (in context) A person between birth and puberty.

According to Webster: “a·dult,” (in context) One who has attained maturity, ..or “legal age.”

A quote from the Duke…

life is hard - John Wayne 2

John Wayne is unequivocally the epitome of maturity.

According to Webster: “ma·ture.” (In context) Of, relating to, full development, both mental and physical.

bumper car 3

Barack Obama, (in my opinion), is the epitome of immaturity.

According to Webster: “im·ma·ture,” (in context) Marked by a lack of maturity: simple, silly and foolish.

Within the realm of reality: There is no difference between a child and an adult.

Obama - large and small 1a

If a child is “led” to believe that he is “special or omnipotent,” as an adult he will continue to believe that he is “special and omnipotent.”

virtual reality - graphic 2

There is no mystery in reality, mystery resides solely within the parameters of man’s imagination.

mother and child 3

As a child I was denied by my father and rejected by my brothers, my brothers were my father’s sons and as my father was categorically satisfied with that arrangement, I became my mother son.

Question: Is there a difference in being raised (influenced) by a man and (influenced) by a woman?

Absolutely, unequivocally without a doubt!

P B  what does that mean 2

It means that men raised by and/or, influenced by men are in fact and indeed intolerant at their core.

Whereas a man raised by and/or, influenced by a woman is in fact and indeed calm and calculating at his core.

God bless scholarships and welf

Barack Obama was raised “exclusively” by his mother in his formative years and without a sibling until his mother married Lolo Soetoro, consequently, (at least in my humble opinion), he has no bond, and/or, ties to “any family” beyond Michelle and his daughters.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Barack Obama is a stone cold…

who is Barack Obama 2a

enigma - graphic 3

According to Webster: “e·nig·ma,” n,. (in context) One that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable.

Muslim call to prayer 2

I could be wrong, ..albeit when an individual is more “prolific” and precise in quoting from the Koran, than I have heard him quote from the Bible, as a Christian, I find that individual at a minimum, questionable.

liberty on the beach

Barack Obama entered the world of politics with an express agenda to dismantle the Constitution and “diminish,” and/or, eradicate capitalism in America.

he is succeeding 2

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Darth Lepus 1


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