reward America 1a

According to Webster: “pa·tri·ot·ism,” Love and devotion to one’s country.

Question: Does anyone have any hard evidence as to what country or nation on this planet Barack Obama loves and is devoted to?

Muslim call to prayer 1a

Because it sure as hell isn’t America!

who is Barack Obama 2a

enigma - graphic 2

According to Webster: “e·nig·ma,” n. (in context) One that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable.

Pirro - reward - 2016 1A

Jeanine Pirro loves and understands America, thus I believe that every true son and daughter of this nation should come together and begin a grassroots “Crusade” to enlist her as the next President of the United States.

Jeanine - shooting range 1a


J.P. is not a wimp that will lead from behind.

Darth Lepus 1

Darth Lepus endorses Jeanine Pirro for President.


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