The Human Race, Part Two

It is my (fervent belief), that whether you believe in evolution or creation, mankind’s journey in life, although fraught with a legion of challenges, those that choose virtue over corruption will be rewarded by history.


Four such Americans.

Barack or Barry 1a

I also fervently believe that the greedy and corrupt will get their just reward from history as well.

The school of thought, and/or, ..the “academic propaganda” and/or “bullshit” that exploits the notion…

the human race - 2a

..that there is only (one human race) makes no allowance for nature or character.

On one hand, “our” current (civilized) society is quick to cite that all Homo sapiens, and/or, “human beings” are the same, when on the next page that “same” society is just as quick to dismiss an individual’s humanity when he walks into a school and shoots 23 children.

A human being is more than a hank of hair and a piece of bone. Although our biology allows for interracial and inter-ethnic breeding, biology does not provide for character, or responsibility.

Both America and the world have way too many discarded children because “our” current society and our current laws do not only provide for a lack of character and responsibility, it zealously promotes a lack of character and a lack of responsibility.

I have often in the last three years referenced my family and my rearing as a time in history gone bye, which sadly is true for too large a portion of our nation.

Liberalism, has replaced common sense and responsibility for a “good half” of America, not to be taken that (liberalism) is in any way shape or form “good” for America in the sense of being “beneficial” to the population.

According to Webster: “ben·e·fi·cial,” Producing or promoting a favorable result; advantageous.

Barry and Karl - graphic 2a

Liberalism, and/or, socialism, and/or, communism are all systems and ideologies that have failed the human race in providing uniform freedoms and opportunities since the first socialist/communist ilk crawled out from under a rock.

it's good to be King - Obama

Compassion and sharing have been a part of the human condition since the beginning of time and no yoke or decree from an Emperor, a Sheik, a King or a Commander-in-Chief has ever abolished human kindness.

America doesn’t need Obama’s expanded policies of entitlements. All America needs, and has (ever needed), are jobs and a government comprised of honest people.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusadrer Rabbit…

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