The Human Race, Part One..

life is competition 1

One theory; evolution accounts for mankind’s existence via biological mutation. For me personally I prefer to believe that I’m the product of a higher power.

According to Webster: “the·o·ry,” (in context) A system of assumptions, accepted principles, and rules of procedure devised to analyze, predict, or otherwise explain the nature or behavior of a specified set of phenomena.

Which of course, is all well and good, except for one factor,

man - Bronson 1a

who is he - George W 1a

priorities - Obama 1

All of which are somewhat interesting questions, however for today’s blather my purpose is deeper than the shallow minds of ambitious greedy individuals.

History, whether fact or fantasy is pretty much all we have to go on and since facts and fantasy, are so quickly blended in today’s society, I’m beginning to believe that our ancestors who dwelled in trees and caves were the only Homo sapiens that truly understood who they were.

As in the “modern” world, ..and/or, (our world), man’s track record isn’t much to brag about.


WORD HISTORY: The word modern, first recorded in 1585 in the sense of; “present or recent times,”


Piltdown Man Darwin - graphic 1

Portrait; Back row (from the left): F O Barlow, G Elliot Smith, Charles Dawson, Arthur Smith Woodward. Front row: A. S. Underwood, Arthur Keith, W P Pycraft, and Sir Ray Lankester.

The Piltdown Man was a paleoanthropological hoax in which bone fragments were presented as the fossilised remains of a previously unknown early human.

These fragments consisted of parts of a skull and jawbone, said to have been collected in 1912 from a gravel pit at Piltdown, East Sussex, England.

Piltdown Man - graphic 1

The Latin name Eoanthropus dawsoni (“Dawson’s dawn-man”, after the collector Charles Dawson) was given to the specimen.

The significance of the specimen remained the subject of controversy until it was exposed in 1953 as a forgery, consisting of the lower jawbone of an orangutan deliberately combined with the cranium of a fully developed modern human.

The Piltdown paleoanthropological hoax is perhaps the most famous hoax ever to have been perpetrated.

It is important and prominent for two reasons: the attention paid to the issue of human evolution, and the length of time (more than 40 years) that elapsed from its discovery to its full exposure as a forgery.

Obama - communism hoax 1a

Historically, communism and socialism have failed to provide the promised outcome of every individual and nation that has endeavored to implement it as a viable transport to equality.

way America 1a

The truth will set you free, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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