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Our founding fathers and our forefathers had an epiphany…

According to Webster: “e·piph·a·ny,” (in context) n., A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization.

..they woke up one morning and understood that their lives were in the toilet and King George the third of Great Britain had his hand on the handle.

So our founding fathers got together and gave birth to a new nation; America, a country that would be free of tyranny and provide opportunities for men and women with the Moxie to carve a nation out of the ground beneath their feet.

According to Webster: “mox·ie,” n. Slang.The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

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According to Webster: “car·pet·bag·ger,” n., (in context) An outsider, especially a politician, who presumptuously seeks a position or success in a new locality.

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Jolly from Hastings,   (Readers Forum – Politically Correct).

I’ve been reading your blog for about eight months, a friend from Spearfish shared your site address with me.

I love everything you write, but your reader’s forum is to die for. I’ll be casting my vote in November and you can count on me to pass on anyone whose name is followed by word Democrat.

If I knew more about computers, I’d have a website of my own and I would be chronicling the message right along beside you.

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Hello Jolly, thank you for your patronage, your comment and your accolades.

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Now that my ego has been satisfied, let me share with you the reality that if it weren’t for my friend Greg, and/or, “Super Greg,” there would be no (Readers Forum), nor would there be a “Pearlsofprofundity.”

My computer skills on a scale of 1 to 10, are a solid minus 6, and my typing skills are several points below that.

Question: So how do I pump out a new and informative post seven days a week?

Simple: In more than three years my friend Greg has never failed to keep the little red light on the front of my computer case blinking and I own a WORD breathing dragon.

(Nuance, NaturallySpeaking Dragon version 12.5).

As for the technical end of establishing a website, (all Greg), all I’m good for is sharing my opinions and my beliefs that if the folks, men and women who have done well following the doctrines of our founding fathers want their children and their grandchildren to do the same? They need to Wake-up!

Those folks, and/or, Americans, had better understand that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Federal Reserve bank, and/or, the “Rothschilds” have an agenda to eliminate their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and replace those rights with laws that will take America back to before the patriots dumped King George’s Tea into Boston harbor.

The Rothschild family, owns, and/or, controls the Bank of England as well as a US corporation known publicly as the Federal Reserve Bank that owns and controls every dollar and coin printed, and/or minted to provide our medium of exchange.

A duty, assigned by our Constitution, and/or, the law to be performed by the Congress with (no if’s an’s or butts)…

Nonetheless, one of our more progressive liberal presidents, and/or, Woodrow Wilson took it upon himself, (without legal, and/or, constitutional authority), to sign the Federal Reserve act of 1913 into law.

Progressive liberals have a long-standing history in America of disregarding our Constitution, and/or, the law.

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Which are the same words that King George the third used?

Barack Obama’s “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010,” is no more than (another) progressive liberal wiping his feet on America’s Constitution, ..and Chief Justice John Roberts made it possible.

Question: How does a Country or a Nation enforce its laws, when it’s most powerful law enforcement officers change our laws to suit their own agendas?

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Angie from Matamoros,                   (Strain Theory).

After 23 years in a classroom attempting to meld malleable minds with reality, I threw my hands up and bought myself a boutique that caters to the fantasies of empty heads.

Which has tripled my bank account, which I enjoy, or I did until my sister sent me your web address.

I attended Columbia University from the fall of 1980 until the spring of 1985 and I have absolutely no memory of Barack Obama.

As a requirement, I took one class from Fox Piven, a dingier individual you will never meet.

I didn’t understand why people like her and her husband were allowed to come in contact with young minds then, and I still don’t understand it now.

What you’re doing isn’t simply a good thing, it’s a great thing.

readers forum - for your inform

Hello Angie, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative, it’s both a pleasure and a “comfort” to know that folks like you are out there, not only understanding what I write, but appreciating it as well.

What I publish is for the most part a repetition of something that I have written (before), or that another “common sense” conservative has provided with the hope of reaching at least one “brainwashed” academic here and there.

As education, (at this point), is mankind’s only salvation, and I’m not talking about Ivy League (bull shit), ..I’m talking about the reality of socialism and communism that’s currently being promoted in America for the “benefit” of the (money lenders), and/or, the Rothschild dynasty.

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William from Denver,                 (Brain Fart).

First, I have to ask; where do you find the amazing graphics you use in your posts? Your brain fart guy is outrageous and despicable.

Permission to copy it, please!

I’ve been reading your blog for just more than a month and so far I’ve shared it with at least 60 people. The 43 people that work for me in my restaurant and the rest family and friends.

readers forum - for your inform

Hello William, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for making it part of your day and for sharing it with your family and friends.

I’ve never been a “stingy” person and with that guiding me, I can’t think of any reason that I should say no, have at it!

Thank you again for your participation and come back when the spirit moves you, Chuck.

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Arthur from upper Manhattan,               (Brain Fart).

Richard was a friend and colleague for many years, he was a caring and learned man that deserves better than belittling by a nobody right wing extremist.

readers forum - for your inform

Hello Arthur, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative. With that said, the best I can do for you, (at least in my opinion), is suggest that you find a small plot of land somewhere and plant a zucchini seed.

Then water and nourish the seed and keep it safe from bugs and hail and with patients, (depending on your location), in 55 to 60 days you’ll finally understand why God gave you a brain.

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Jason from Manhattan Beach,           (Going Dutch).

As an American citizen sick to death of living under a threat of hostility from Middle Eastern folks who come to America and express their hatred with violence against Christians, 2016 can’t get here quick enough for me.

I started reading your blog in April 2012 after Barack Obama was reelected. Sadly, I helped with that believing that with his affordable care act in the bag, he would then move on to fulfilling his promise of jobs.

Which didn’t happen and isn’t going to happen unless you’re here from Honduras or Mexico. The only person I’m currently more ashamed of is myself. Sorry America.

readers forum - for your inform

Hello Jason, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

When I was a kid, my mother was specific about spilled milk, a (reasoning person) doesn’t cry over it, ..they clean up their mess and move on and improve their aim.

Your aim is more important than your harvest, Chuck.

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Debbie from Lake Havasu,     (Signs of the Time).  

I believe that I’m as compassionate as anyone, but those of us that were born in America need to feed our children to.

If Obama actually had a place in his heart for people who’ve suffered tragedies, I think he should consider appropriating a few dollars to help me feed my children.

One of his undocumented workers hit my husband with his car last year so now I’m living with my parents who make too much money for me to qualify for aid.

In case anyone is wondering if I’m bitter and I hate lying liberals, the answer is absolutely.

readers forum - for your inform

Hello Debbie, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

Not that words help buy groceries, albeit they can provide a comfort of sorts if we learn from the words we were issued yesterday and glean understanding.

I am also aware that understanding won’t feed your children either, nevertheless it will provide you with a solid foundation from which to rebuild and become self-reliant.

Easier said than done? Not at all, as “doing” is the path that will carry you to success.

Keep in touch, Chuck.

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Hammer from Brooklyn,                   (Basic Math).

Until a person becomes a casualty in America, he or she doesn’t have a clue about the definition of inequality. I lost a leg in Afghanistan, (Obama’s War), not that he will ever look anyone straight in the eye and admit it was all for nothing, I know the truth.

I not only was a soldier, I am a soldier, a soldier without a uniform and a boot. (Please note the singular connotation).

At 23, I neither asked questions or answered them, now at 29 with a stump, I ask myself why I went to war.

When I’m asked the same question by someone else, reply is; “Ignorance and ego, ..ignorance and ego.

readers forum - for your inform

Hello Hammer, thank you for visiting my site, thank you for your service and for your narrative.

War is, at least (in my opinion), the least valuable thing man ever invented to settle a dispute, at least for the participants. The only folks that profit from war are the moneylenders and the politicians at the end of the money lenders leashes.

War is indeed a poor reflection on mankind’s progress and an even worse reflection on his mentality.

Sorry for your loss, stop back soon, Chuck.

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Elizabeth from Trenton,               (Vexing personified).

Another great week, excluding Saturday, but then what the hell you deserve a day off as much as anyone.

My great guy turned out to have a great wife and as soon as her great attorney gets done with him, she and I are going to go out and look for some new great guys. 🙂

Ya gotta love the audacity of the human race, at least those of us that live in America.

readers forum - for your inform

Hello Elizabeth, as always it’s fun and interesting to hear from you.

In a recent offering I recall citing that life was not a bowl of cherries and then you drop me an email and I’m back to square one scratching my head, ..and looking for my Webster’s. 🙂

Keep me in the loop, Chuck.

In closing for today I’d like to leave you with this reminder, people, and/or, folks that believe, that we the people, and/or, that the (folks in America) are “trained” to (believe anything) they’re told as long as it comes from the guy in the catbird seat, …

..a liar by any other name is still a liar.

Currently Hollywood is marketing another planet of the apes movie, …

apes - movie poster

Hollywood is not America

Irregardless of what the free lunch bunch is chronicling at the moment, Hollywood is not America’s future…

communism ape poster

..nor are these folks.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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