Basic Math..

Plus 'er Minus 1

According to Webster: “ed·u·ca·tion,” (in context) n. An instructive or enlightening experience.

What is it that folks don’t understand about Barack Obama’s inability to make a decision?

Bo Obma 1a

As a lifelong dog lover, I personally take exception to anyone that spends more than five minutes to decide whether or not they want a dog.

According to Webster: “de·ci·sion,” n.Passing judgment on an issue under consideration.

In my opinion, when an individual can’t make up his or her mind as to whether or not he or she wants a pet and if so?

animals and animals 1

What kind?

Having been raised to be a responsible self-reliant person, I (personally) can’t bring myself respect or have confidence in anyone in a position of responsibility, and/or, leadership, that can’t make a decision.

leading from behind 3

Leading from behind is unacceptable in America.

campaigning - consternation

During Obama’s campaign throughout the entirety of 2007, he made a lot of promises, he promised to bring America together.

Obama - I won Graphic 1a

He hasn’t delivered.

He promised America (affordable) healthcare…

Obama care in a box 1a

..he hasn’t delivered.

He promised Americans jobs…

I need a job - graphic 1

..he hasn’t delivered.

He promised security…

no security for Chris 1

..he didn’t deliver.

page break - dark blue 2

So what has Barack Obama done in the last 5 ½ years?

Barack Obama

He’s played golf….

Hawaii in surf 1

..enjoyed the Hawaiian surf,

deceive - graphic 1

..hung out with co-hearts,

drunk Obama thumbs up

..and drank beer.

page break - dark blue 2

No, I meant what has he done that has benefited America?

absolutely nothing 1a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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