Politics 101..

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According to Webster: “pol·i·tics,” n. The art or science of government or governing.

According to Webster: “art,” (in context) n. A trade or craft that applies a system of principles and methods:

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For the rest of us, and/or, (individuals with compassion and sensitivity), “art,” The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms or movements in a way that affects a sense of beauty.

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According to Webster: “sci·ence,” The investigation, and theoretical explanation of life and phenomena.

Although there are an abundance of things in politics that are phenomenal, (in this writer’s opinion), the practice of politics is not a science.

It’s a quick on your feet, (get there first) with what the people want to hear “racket.”

According to Webster: “rack·et,” (in context) n.  A dishonest business or practice.

racketeer - Al Capone 1a

Anytime anyone weasels their way into a position to make a living by manipulating people and their money – it’s a racket!

Federal Reserve Bank - New York

And that includes Wall Street, hedge funds, our government, and most of all the Federal Reserve Bank.

Example: …

Currently “ex-con” former Louisiana governor once jailed for racketeering announces he’s running for Congress at age 86

Edwin Edwards and spouse 4a

(with his bombshell wife, 35, by his side).

The co-star of A&E’s reality show ‘The Governor’s Wife’ married his 35-year-old spouse after she became his pen pal while he was in prison.

Edwin Edwards, 86, is plotting a return to politics after serving nearly 9 years in prison for racketeering, extortion and money laundering.

Edwards was a Democratic four-term governor over three separate tenures in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s.


thief and extortionish

Sounds like an “classic” Democrat to me.


He won his last election by trouncing Louisiana Ku Klux Klan founder David Duke: Bumper stickers read ‘Vote For the Crook: It’s Important.’

Former federal prison inmate number 03128 – 095 is running for Congress in Louisiana and he happens to be the states former governor.

Edwin Edwards, a popular pol in his day, will try to make a political comeback despite his federal racketeering conviction 12 years ago and his advanced age. The Democrat is 86 years old.

Former federal prison inmate #03128-095 is running for Congress in Louisiana – and he happens to be the state’s former governor.

Edwin Edwards, a popular pol in his day, will try to make a political comeback despite his federal racketeering conviction 12 years ago and his advanced age: The Democrat is 86 years old.

Edwards told Bloomberg news on Wednesday that he’ll try to win the seat held by Republican Bill Cassidy, who’s vacating it to run for the U.S. Senate.

‘I’m the only hope the Democrats have here,’ the disgraced four-term governor said. And the kind of voters who will dismiss him because he’s a convicted felon, he reasoned, ‘wouldn’t have voted for me anyway.’

This is not a plot from a reality show, although Edwards has already starred in one.

the governor's wife 2a

Edwards was sentenced to 10 years in the slammer – he served eight and a half – for racketeering, extortion, money laundering, mail fraud and wire fraud in connection with a kickback scheme involving a for-profit company that built prisons all across America.

Edwin Edwards - I'm innocent 1a


team Edwards - graphic 2

Question: If Edwards is innocent, “why” does he need to beg for anyone’s pardon?


Patrick Graham, the company’s principal, testified that Edwards took an $845,000 kickback in exchange for green-lighting a plan to locate a new juvenile correction facility in the Louisiana town of Jena.

Edwards was a congressman in the late 1960s when he decided to run for governor, a position that made him wildly popular in his first two terms

San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo also admitted that Edwards helped him get a casino license in the state – a favor that cost him $400,000.

Before he traded in his pinstriped suits for prison garb, Edwards squared off against David Duke, an avowed white supremacist, for his fourth and final term as governor.

The two were forced into a runoff election in 1991 after the incumbent, Democrat Buddy Roemer, placed behind both of them on Election Day. It was Roemer who had bounced Edwards out of office four years earlier.

Public sentiment against Duke, the founder of the Louisiana Ku Klux Klan, was so intense that Edwards won handily, 61 to 39 per cent – even though his own public corruption was among the worst-kept secrets in the Pelican State.

Ultimately, Edwards won because he was seen as friendly to minority voters, a quality that trumped the public’s disdain for crooked politicians.

Republican U.S. President George H.W. Bush publicly advocated for him, seeing Edwards as the lesser of two evils.

‘Vote For the Crook. It’s Important,’ read one popular political bumper sticker at the time.

‘Vote for the Lizard, not the Wizard,’ read another.

It’s unclear what his slogans might be in 2014, or if his Republican opponent’s name will rhyme with ‘geezer.’

geezer - graphic 2a

According to Webster: “gee·zer,” (in context) n. Slang; Not young. Not dead. Somewhere in between!

Question: How many of you can answer this question; What would be the (downside) to electing and “every day ordinary honest American citizen” to serve in our government?

Obama - phony 1a

I mean come on people, hasn’t our government been corrupt long enough?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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