The Age of Absurdity..

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There’s a good reason we don’t let children behind the wheel of an automobile – a child’s brain is not developed enough to handle major responsibilities.

On July 4, fireworks erupted across America punctuated by gunshots in several major U.S. cities…

Indianapolis skyline


Seven people were shot in the early morning hours of Saturday (July 5,) in Indianapolis, …

Houston skyline


..and six more caught bullets at a Houston music festival around the same time on the same day. (Source, the Guardian).

New York City skyline

Independence Day ushered in New York City’s “most violent” concentrated of gun fire this year,” as a (dozen people) were shot, three fatally, within a five-hour span Saturday. (Source, New York Post).

One victim “suffered a head wound so grisly that cops couldn’t tell if he’d been shot, stabbed or beaten,” the Post reported.

Chicago skyline


But it may be the Windy City, not the Big Apple, that takes the dubious distinction of being the most violent major city on Independence Day this year.

More than fifty people were shot in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend with at least six people dying.

According to the local news, the violence was varied and widespread: …

Obama gang banger 1 shootings,

homicide - toted 1


cops on the street 1a

..and a couple of fatally police shootings.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees an American citizen the right to keep and bear arms, it does not guarantee American citizens the right to shoot each other with those arms.

America is a nation of laws, irregardless of the fact that we currently have a president, and/or, a “commander-in-chief” that is not only reluctant to enforce many of America’s laws, he is “diabolically” opposed to enforcing the laws that don’t suit his personal agenda.

enigma - Obama

Question: What does Barack Obama believe in? …

From my research, I have concluded that Barack Obama at his foundation, believes in (tyranny) and a class society with himself as the ultimate authority.

Obama sees himself as a benevolent master that believes it’s his calling in life to care for the people who love him and vanquish those that don’t.

Obama is not a complicated individual, to the contrary, he is as simple as a Homo sapien being can be. There is nothing mysterious about the thoughts of a dreamer.

In fact, for those of you with a knowledge of silly putty, …


silly party 2a

Silly Putty is a toy based on silicone polymers which display unusual physical properties. It bounces, but breaks when given a sharp blow and can also flow like a liquid. It contains a viscoelastic liquid silicone, a type of non-Newtonian fluid, which makes it act as a viscous liquid over a long time period but as an elastic solid over a short time period. It was originally created by accident during research into potential rubber substitutes for use by the United States in World War II.

silly party 3a

One of the most fascinating aspects of “Silly Putty” was its ability to imprint from everything it touched.

Had Obama’s life been touched by other than atheists and communists in his (formative years), his natural “charisma” would have been a great plus for accomplishing something worthwhile.

The name Silly Putty is a trademark of Crayola LLC; the company’s manufacturer is based in Easton, Pennsylvania. (Source Wikipedia).


The greatest threat to Americans sovereignty in the “Twenty First Century” is not Iran or Afghanistan or Syria, it’s our own Congress and their allegiance to the Federal Reserve Bank and the Rothschild family.

America needs a new Congress, a completely (535 people) new Congress. There is not one man or woman in the U.S. Congress today that has not been tainted by one or another outside agenda driven organization.

The Council on foreign relations, a group of wealthy elitists from around the world who advertise themselves as a think tank and advisory group to governments that just don’t seem to come up to the standards that they should?

Personally, I think the 56 men that collaborated and came up with our Constitution did a magnificent job. I also believe that folks who believe that our Constitution falls short in providing “protections and opportunities” for American citizens need to live elsewhere.

America 1a love it or leave it- te

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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