What does Obama and Dragnet have in Common?

Dragnet episodes all began with a resounding…


dumb de dumb dumb 1

Obama care - Constitution 2a

..which is how Obama’s episodes conclude.

In Friday last’s (July 4,) New York Times it was reported that Obama’s plans to “fight terrorism” have been exposed by the Islamic insurgents in Iraq.

According to the New York Times article Obama outlined his plans for (his) war against terrorists while speaking in May to West Point graduates, citing that instead of using American forces to contain violent extremists, the United States would train local troops to fight the threats.

imagining yourself a fool 1a

(The decider).

Question: Hasn’t that already been proven not to work by the Bush boys? You know, ..the papa and son team that enjoyed free rent while lying their collective asses off to the taxpayers for twelve long years between them.

Papa Bush, the kinder and gentler of the two with the words; “no more taxes” tattooed on his lips and baby Bush, ..who of course unilaterally declared himself the decider, albeit, what he decided cost America trillions of dollars and for what?

To show America that he wasn’t afraid to go to war, ..as long as it wasn’t (his butt) on the line.

Question: How many of you reading my blather this morning, or more correctly, how many of you reading my blather that are (breathing air) “not recycled” …

head up ass 1

..through your lower intestines, ..believe that America and “America’s taxpayers” are (responsible) for the “health and well-being” of non-American citizens living on the other side of the planet?

homeless family 1a

We have more than three million citizens in America, men women and children, …

homeless man - and bench 1a

..sleeping on park benches,

homeless baby 1a

…sidewalks and doorways with empty bellies while Barack Obama wants Congress to give him $2 billion to provide care to illegal immigrants from Guatemala and El Salvador.

Albeit, I wholeheartedly support the concept of charity, I also believe that charity begins at home.

Both Guatemala and El Salvador have governments (of one description or another)?

As do the other “one hundred and ninety-one” (recognized) nations on this planet.

America is neither a well to draw from or a safety net for the world at large, America is a nation built by men and women with a dedication to God and country. Americans are neither the worlds police force or the world’s pantry.

Consideration given without consideration received is not an arrangement that (works for America), ..and if we, …


..of America don’t take notice of that fact, ..and take notice soon, ..there will be no America for our grandchildren.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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