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Good morning my friends, with the celebration of America’s 238th Birthday now in the history books and the squash in my garden ready to vine, I’m ready to share my week with you.

So let’s get started by welcoming…

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Cassandra from Dallas,           (Hope is not Enough).

I was introduced to your website on Monday last by a friend from work. It’s taken me all week to read everything you’ve written, but it was well worth it to learn that there’s someone watching America’s back with true concern.

I admire you for your dedication and I applaud you for your way with words. Anxiously awaiting more, thank you.

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Hello Cassandra, thank you for visiting my site, thank you for the accolades and for providing me a “great title” for today’s forum. Chuck.

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Elizabeth from Trenton,                 (Who is God?).

I was out of town last week with (a new fella), he took the girls and I to the seashore and we had a great time.

As to your report card for this week, all A+ with a border of gold stars and flags waving. See you next week. Elizabeth.

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Hello Elizabeth, good to have you back and I’m pleased that you and the girls had a good time.

Keep me in the loop, thank you, Chuck.

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Walter from Fort Smith,               (Who is God?).

I’ve been telling my family for years that a man doesn’t have to set in a building with a steeple to know God. Thank you for the backup.

I’d also like to thank you for your efforts to inform America that Barack Obama is not America’s friend. I am a lifelong Democrat, or I was until the party lost its mind in 2008.

Now I’m a registered independent waiting for November so I can follow your advice and vote everyone out.

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Hello Walter, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative. It’s always a pleasure to meet a man that’s back in touch with his common sense.

Drop back anytime the spirit moves you, Chuck.

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Amanda from Chicago,           (Yesterday’s News).

I moved to Chicago with my husband last year from Atlanta and I hate it beyond words. Historically this place has always had a reputation for gangsters and crime, but in my opinion with Barack Obama in the White House it is worse than ever.

At the risk of offending the world at large, black has become the new white, and white has become the new black.

I’m currently trying to talk my husband into moving to Africa, I was in Africa three years ago and found real Africans to be hospitable and friendly. Keep the truth coming, thank you.

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Hello Amanda, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative. With that said; I once again allude to my knowledge of human nature…

Feed a dog and care for it with love and you have something that will love you in return. Albeit, ..if you kick that dog, ..tie it to a post or simply scream at it, …you have a mess.

There is no denying history to an open and honest mind, the blacks that came to America on slave ships were mistreated beyond the bounds of humanity.

No sentient creature, man or beast, should suffer violence or pain in the course of their life to gain obedience or labor, nor should either suffer mental anguish for any reason.

America is a grand country, ..and (unique) in its constitutions provisions to provide for its citizens.

Which of course has always brought me to question; …

Why anyone, man or women with an ounce of compassion in their soul would want to change a word of its text?

Unless of course, that individual was, …

Obama - anti-American 1a which case of course, that man should never be allowed to run for political office.

Historically, the “whip and the iron fist” have never achieved anything other than distain and failure.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it, drop back again I have truly enjoyed our visit, Chuck.

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Sarah from Inglewood,             (Yesterday’s News).

My son goes to school in Irvine, he and his friends have been reading your blog for some time. I read it for the first time last week.

After reading your article entitled yesterday’s news, I feel compelled to comment about my daughter Abigail who was accepted to Columbia University three years ago where she got pregnant by a Muslim boy from Iran.

My daughter didn’t tell my husband or I that she was pregnant until after they were married. The boy took my daughter to Iran, we have not seen my daughter since nor has she ever sent a picture of our grandchild. I don’t know whether my daughter is alive or dead.

I never hated anyone in my life before that boy took my daughter away, I now hate him and every Muslim in the world.

Every government agency I have spoken with simply informs me that my daughter was of age to get married, so they have no jurisdiction to investigate, unless I have proof that some harm has come to her.

My daughter was a loving God-fearing Christian, I have no idea what she is now?

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Hello Sarah, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative, with that said; If it were in my power to snap my fingers and bring your daughter home she would be with you now.

Albeit sadly, an “old man” from Western South Dakota (armed with a six year old keyboard) there isn’t much I can do for you other than continue to do what I’m doing, making my best effort to inform people in America and people from around the world if they like their “heritage and their culture” they have a (responsibility) to understand the issues facing America and the world today.

It’s not a difficult task, allocate one of the hours each day that you would otherwise spend in front of your television watching “As the World Turns,” ..and use it to understand what it is that actually makes the world turn.

First Installment; “Barack Obama and Iran are both “major” (uncertainties) for the world.

Have faith, people are resilient and love most of all, your daughter is an American, she will not forsake you.

The door is always open here, Chuck.

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Della from Brookhaven,         (Democracy to Dictatorship).

It’s people like you spreading bigoted lies that keep America from being a place where every one gets along and nobody is hungry.

Why can’t white people stop picking on black people?

Readers Forum - my view contrar

Hello Della, I almost thought I was going to get through the week without hearing from a dissenter, ..but then, truth I welcome my dissenters more than I welcome my supporters.

dissenters - eyes 2a

For the record; I am not, nor have I ever picked on Barack Obama because he’s black.

Barack Obama, if you are up to speed on him? His DNA is half white from his mother’s side and his mother’s side is in fact, ..the side of Barack Obama I choose to pick on.

Obama - half-and-half 2a

I don’t pick on the color of Barack Obama’s skin, I pick on his ideology, his beliefs and his actions.

Barack Obama wasn’t raised by black people, he was raised by a white woman, (his mama), and two old white people, his (grandparents).

Now then, ..had you done (your homework), you would know that Barack Obama’s grandparents were both “card-carrying” Communists and vocal atheists, as was his mother, because she was also raised by Obama’s grandparents.

Obama was not raised in a traditional black environment by traditional black people with traditional black values, he was raised by (nontraditional), socialist/communist “liberal” white people.

Barack Obama is (not for the nature of biology), a white man with all the proclivities of a white man’s need to dominate.

Consequently, it puzzles me beyond “common sense” as to why black folks want to claim Barack Obama as one of their own.

But then, black people aren’t really my area of expertise, have a great day and feel free to drop in anytime, Chuck.

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Georgia from Fort Lauderdale,   (Freedom vs Oppression).

Great read just like everything else you’ve posted this week, with a special appreciation for the video you provided in your post, Yesterday’s News. It was definitely eye-opening and I have already shared it with twenty people that will hopefully each share it with twenty more.

I’ve been reading your posts for about four months now and I share it with my friends on Facebook, hope you don’t mind?

Do you have a conflict with Google? Because in my opinion and in the opinion of all my friends, you should be listed a lot higher than you are.

Also, how many times does a person have to comment until you make them famous in your forum?

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Hello Georgia, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment and for your appreciation.

As to your closing question, normal protocol to qualify for my Reader’s Forum is five comments with a minimum of twenty-five words each, except when your name is Georgia and you live in Fort Lauderdale.

Now that I’m finished goofing off for the moment, ..all that’s actually required to be published in my Reader’s Forum is a valid question or a legitimate complaint – of course I’m really fond of accolades too.

Although there’s no minimum and no cover, please be aware that you’re welcome any time, Chuck.

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Richard from Encinitas,           (The Spider and the Fly).

By far, the best posts I’ve ever read from the best website on the Internet. You guys really know how to put it together.

My mother used to read the spider and the fly to my brother and I as a way of teaching us not to talk to strangers. It was applicable then for my mother and even more applicable to warn Americans about the evils of politics. Great job, keep it up.

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Hello Richard, thank you for visiting my site, for the “opulent” accolades and for your narrative.

With that said; “my crew,” and/or, “the guys” I work with to publish my blather are my calico cat “Sadie,” a four-year-old copy of PrintMaster Platinum and a (cat scratched) headset with which I dictate my Posts via Nuance’s, Dragon Naturally Speaking program; version 12.5.

If I had to physically type my posts, I’d be lucky to publish twice a year 🙂

Don’t be a stranger, Chuck.

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Wilma from Rochester,           (The Spider and the Fly).

I have an original copy of Mary Howitt’s spider and the fly passed down through generations of my family that I have personally read to three generations of my family. I think Mary Howitt would approve of your writing.

You are a godsend to America and to the Internet, please continue on your path. Wilma

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Hello Wilma, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your kind words.

As a bona fide high school dropout, what education I have to facilitate my journey through life has been (picked up) along the road.

It’s not a path that I would recommend to a young person in the 21st Century, albeit it’s not a path that I would badmouth to an individual with the gumption and resolve to utilize the guarantees set forth in the document struck by our founding fathers.

History and future generations will view Barack Obama for what he is and what he has been, “a speed bump” to remind us (true Americans), that people like Barack Obama (were) the reason the folks in Boston dumped George’s tea in the harbor and his name will be a rally cry for future generations to keep America whole as long as they never forget Mary Howitt’s words…

spider and the fly - graphic -

You come back when the spirit moves you, Chuck.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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