Questions for today – Freedom vs Oppression..


Common sense 101…

signing Obama care 1a

When a nation writes a law that mandates its citizens to purchase a product or service – that nation by any definition is no longer a free nation.

depiction of war 1

Question: Do you have a fundamental understanding of America’s history?

mother Rothschild quote war

Alluding to my God given common sense and my rationale..

depiction of war 2

…the Rothschilds are responsible for this man’s death.

unloading casket 1a

Historically, Americans will fight and die anywhere at any time to maintain the Rothschilds profit margins.


Killing is illegal in America except when sanctioned by those we elect to serve the Rothschilds.


America does indeed have a history of violence, albeit with that said; America has not always had a history of greed.

Last Question: Do you believe America is still a Democratic Republic, or is it now a “Communist” gulag?

puppet - Obama graphic 1a

According to Webster: “gu·lag,” n. A place of great suffering and hardship, likened to the atmosphere in a prison system or a forced labor camp.

(In truth). America conforms with neither identity in this the 21st century, America is now a “puppet” for the Rothschilds and the moneylenders, as well as a reliable “cash cow” for the Mexican drug cartels and the “welfare,” ..and/or, “I deserve because I was born set.”

national debt cartoon 1a

liberty on the beach

Factoid; Under the stewardship of Barack Obama, America no longer has any resemblance to the America founded by our forefathers.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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