From Democracy to Dictatorship in a Heartbeat..

Obama’s challenges his Cabinet to “be creative!”

governed by executive action 1

President Barack Obama told his Cabinet on Tuesday to ‘be creative’ looking for areas where he might be able to govern by executive action given gridlock in Congress that is hampering his agenda.

In a White House meeting, Obama brought together the top officials in his government a day after conceding that a deadlocked Congress will prompt him to act on his own authority where he can on an immigration overhaul. Obama said he wants to work with Congress if possible, “but if Congress is unable to do it,” ..he told his Cabinet officials and agency heads that they should look for areas where he can use executive actions.

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“We’re going to have to be creative about how we can make real progress,” he said; “The people who sent us here, …


Translation; (in my humble opinion), the people who lied and withheld the truth about Barack Obama’s “lack of experience and socialistic agenda,” are, (again in my opinion), are every bit as criminal and anti-American…

campaign cronies 1

as he is…


..they just don’t feel as if anybody is fighting for them or working for them.


And of course, those people and everybody in America who believed that Barack Obama was going to be an advocate for the downtrodden and disenfranchised were dead wrong while Barack Obama’s assertion is spot on. Because Barack Obama is not fighting for the destitute, or even the middle class, Barack Obama is in lockstep with corporate America and the moneylenders just like every president America has elected in the last 100 years.


We’re not always going to be able to get things through Congress …


Which of course is paramount to saying that he and his administration can’t accomplish their mission to destroy our constitutional rights and freedoms if he is held to following the law.


…but we sure as heck can make sure that the folks back home know that we are pushing their agenda and that we’re working hard on their behalf,” Obama said.


Question: Which back home do you imagine that Obama is referring to in that paragraph, his (back home) in Kenya, or his (back home) in Jakarta?


Obama’s comments amounted to a recognition he is unlikely to get substantial legislation through Congress this year ahead of congressional elections in November elections.

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Republicans are in (no mood to compromise) ahead of elections in which they could take control of the Senate from the Democrats and build on their majority in the House of Representatives.

Obama on Monday said House Speaker John Boehner had told him last week the House would not vote on immigration legislation this year.

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Obama, who has pushed for the immigration overhaul, said his advisers would give recommendations to him by the end of the summer on what he can do administratively on the issue.

The president this year has raised the minimum wage for federal contract workers and taken other steps through executive order, but he is limited on how far he can go without actual legislation. ( source ,

For America’s sake, ..let’s hope so!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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