Who is God?

Who is God - graphic

As my purpose today is not to quote Scripture, I will make it simple; “God is my creator,” ..and he’s a part of me.

God is responsible for my being, albeit as he gave me free will, he is not responsible for what I do.

When I find myself confronted with doubt, God is my guide, my conscience and my shepherd.

Which of course, is not to suggest that..

I shall not want - Enzo Ferrari

I mean come on, let’s be real, God created me with desire and imagination, accordingly it’s a part of my being to want.

I buy my lottery tickets on Monday and Wednesday just like everyone else and like everyone else, I imagine the material solace I could obtain if one day I hold those elusive, sought after six winning numbers.

big white yacht

Although the Lord is my shepherd, every time I’ve lain down in a green pasture, (to be honest) my pursuit was to provide venison, turkey or a rabbit for my table.

turkey dinner

Yes, I eat meat. God gave me canine teeth and a nature to utilize them, I don’t apologize, because there’s nothing wrong with being human.

A week or so ago I published a comment from my friend Elizabeth who lives in Trenton who explicated, quote; “life is what it is,” or something to that effect?

Which of course can be true, albeit it doesn’t necessarily have to be what it is. Because as I stated earlier, God gave us free will, so life can also be what “we” want it to be.

For me, as a conservative, I want life to be what it was when I was growing up. Not that I want to trade in my television for a radio, …

hunting quail

However I’d trade in my computer for a set of legs that would carry me up to a high mountain meadow in a heartbeat.

deer in the woods

It wouldn’t even have to be a large mountain as long as it was wooded and sanctuary to a million ‘er three creatures.

squirrel in the woods

..I like watching creatures.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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