Money or People?

You can’t love them both, not equally – you have to choose!

In my (personal opinion), and in the “opinion” of my…

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The more someone loves money, the less respect they have for people, and/or, vice versa.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, I’m doing very well…

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Question: So why am I constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul?

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The origin comes from the Peter tax and the Paul tax: …

The expression refers to times before the Reformation when Church taxes had to be paid to St. Paul’s church in London and to St. Peter’s church in Rome; originally it referred to neglecting the Peter tax in order to have money to pay the Paul tax.

The Peter tax referred to the tax that people had to pay to fund the building of St. Peter’s Church, while the Paul tax referred to the tax that the people had to pay to fund the building of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

When the idiom says “rob”, it takes that if you don’t pay a tax, you are robbing a person (pope, in this case) of what that person rightfully deserves.

Thus, the saying means, not paying the Peter tax in order to pay the Paul tax.

There are of course controversial views; as etymology, like any science or enterprise is always subject to more than one opinion.

Albeit, (at least in my opinion), when it’s boiled down and the fat is ladled off the top, the phrase simply means; …

Using the money allocated to pay one debt to pay another, and/or, …

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..using your MasterCard to pay your Visa.

Which of course, unfortunately is something that “our” folks in Washington are (all) too practiced at on a daily basis.

The poverty line established by the Obama administration for 2014, to keep “me and every” (Social Security Recipient) on their leash is; (family/household), of two, $15,730.

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Which of course in America’s current economy is laughable to the point of an emergency room visit for busting yer gut.

I currently own a 13-year-old vehicle with a V8 engine that get 16 miles to the gallon on the highway. It is equipped with a 26 gallon gas tank, which at today’s price of gasoline in my community, ($3.51 a gallon), requires $91.26 to satisfy.

Question: Do I drive my car lot?

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Currently the US taxpayers “pony up” $400,000 a year to an individual disrespecting…

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..“our” furniture in “our” House.

Then of course, there are “our” folks in Congress, minimum wage in Congress, (FYI), is $173,000 a year along with an allowance for postage that unequivocally dwarfs my annual stipend from Social Security.

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Question: Of all the rights and covenants granted to us as American citizens, can anyone name a greater privilege than providing a “Life of Riley,” for individuals, (men and women) who are (unavailable) to their “constituents,” and/or, you and me until it’s time to reapply for their jobs.

According to Webster: “con·stit·u·ent,” adj.Empowered to elect or designate.

Question: When is America going to wake up and start electing folks that will represent America’s interests instead of the interest of the money lenders, and/or, the…

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..the “FED” and the ROTHSCHILDS !

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A parting thought to ponder, (minority rule), is “in fact” and “indeed,” in direct “conflict” with (the rule of law) in America, and/or, “our” …

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In a Democratic Republic, (majority rules), legislation does not pass in Congress via the fewest votes, it passes via the majority.

The majority population in America, (72.6%) is categorically Caucasian, and/or, “white,” added to the fact, (according to the American religious identification survey in 2008,) …we, and/or, …

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76% Christian 1

America is the only nation left on the planet that provides its citizens constitutionally guaranteed access to both God and guns, because God and guns built this country.

Is America destined to lay down and die because half the nation has forgotten their heritage?

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This guy is not the law!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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