Fraidy Cat..

Fraidy Cat - graphic 1

According to Webster:fraid·y cat (fr³“d¶) n. Slang. A timid or fearful person.

Obama - fraidy cat - caricature 1a

America’s fraidy cat…

A comment from a reader, (not Roshane), inspires today’s offering…

authority to pick on 1

Over the past three years I have, (as of today), posted 1194 “offerings” of my reality and my opinions, for which I have (in exchange), received a “shit pot full” of conviction and opinion from the public.

Fortunately the Lions share of my feedback has been good and even useful, albeit I am not without my “detractors” and that’s okay, because if everyone walked in my shoes, there would be no purpose to my crusade.

To be clear, I am no Messiah nor am I a leader of men, I am a messenger who has journeyed for 72 years upon the path drawn for me by a dedicated self-reliant father and a loving, compassionate mother. My path has served me well, so well, (at least in my opinion), that it is (my opinion), that I would be remiss in my responsibility to God and my fellow man if I did not share (my truth) and (my opinions).

Now, to answer my adversaries’ question: …

Constitution - fraidy cat

As a law-abiding, patriotic American citizen, I not only have the authority to criticize Barack Obama, I am duty-bound by the U.S. Constitution.

basic training - Fort Ord 1a

I am duty-bound both by birth, and by the oath that I swore to the United States of America upon my induction into the U.S. Army.

According to Webster: “oath,” (in context)  A solemn, formal declaration or promise to fulfill a pledge, calling on “God” as your witness.

taking the oath

Barack Obama has sworn allegiance to America and to “our” Constitution, (not once, but twice) in the past six years.

He has not honored his oath, nor (in my fervid opinion), is he honoring the Americans that fought and died in the pursuit of building the greatest nation on the planet.

Obama’s welfare and entitlement mentality is not American, nor should it ever become American.

The following material is to grow my adversaries’ knowledge of opinion from beyond our shores…

European cartoon 1

European cartoon 2

European cartoon 3

European cartoon 4

European cartoon 5

European cartoon 6

European cartoon 7

European cartoon 8

beating swords into food stamps 1a

Images like this might make Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi all warm and fuzzy, albeit if you’re an American that…

understands - white over black

flag raising - Iwo Jima

..what it is to be an American?

Images that represent America as a laughingstock…

foreign-policy for dummies

people laughing - cartoon

..have to make your sphincter tighten!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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