Abraham Lincoln - man of charac

According to Webster: “char·ac·ter,” (short answer) n. Moral and ethical strength; (typical definition); The combination of qualities and features that distinguish one person, group, or thing from another.

quality - a distinguishing trai

Of course to an arrogant pompous cretin like Adolph Hitler and others who see themselves as above the masses, …

swastika and Hitler

…a character is an arrogant symbol

The Obama logo was the flagship symbol of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. The design became one of the most recognized political brand logos during the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, and was used again for Obama’s re-election campaign.

Obama logo - arrogant 1a

Obama and his symbol of Arrogance!

The logo was designed by Chicago-based Sender LLC (a brand development and design company) on assignment from Chicago-based mo/de (a motion design studio).

The latter had been brought on board early on by David Axelrod, Obama’s chief campaign strategist, although it had never done a political identity before. Creative director Sol Sender, now a partner at VSA Partners and founding director of the IBM Design Lab, led the design team of three which included Amanda Gentry and Andy Keene. Project managers at mo/de were Colin Carter and Steve Juras.

“We were looking at the “o” of his name and had the idea of a “rising sun” and a new day,” …


If memory serves, (and it does), the Japanese flag when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor as an invitation to World War II was referred to as the…

Japanese flag - the rising sun

(Rising Sun).

rising sun - swastika

Japan’s rising sun and Hitler’s swastika, were both symbols of aggression, most often (without quarter)…

no quarter 1

No quarter. No mercy. are expressions typically attributed to pirates and warlike people known for violence in the face of all enemy action.

It is related to the mantra to take no prisoners. A victor gives no quarter when the victor shows no clemency or mercy and refuses to spare a life in return for the surrender at discretion (unconditional surrender) of a vanquished opponent. (Source Wikipedia).


Barack Obama has been prosecuting an onslaught against the U.S. Constitution since day one of his administration with his policies favoring pretty much everyone on the planet that is in opposition to freedom, opportunity and capitalism.

Rushmore - character 1

Serving as President of the United States is an honor and a privilege. It is a duty of trust with a “fiduciary” responsibility to the citizens of “this nation.”

we the people - illegal vote 1a

It is not a license to pursue personal agendas!

According to Webster:“fi·du·ci·ar·y,” (in context) Holding in trust for another.


According to Sol Sender, “The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope.”

The design expression was so constrained and so bland for so many years in politics, Sender says…

“I think we had a fresh approach because we’d never worked on a campaign before,” and, of course, the power of the logo had a lot to do with “the power of the candidate’s message.


Of course, (in my opinion), both the power of Obama’s logo and the power of his message was due to the weakness of those that voted for him.

Come on now be honest, is there anyone out there reading this who truly believes that Barack Obama could accomplish anything on his own without smoke and mirrors?

In truth, a professional team of advertisers sold him like a jar of peanut butter.

Obama - Messiah 1a

Berry is not the Messiah…

chip off of daddy's bar stool

..he’s simply a chip off his daddy’s bar stool.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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