Use yer’ Damn Head..

America's head in the sand 1

(Communism is on the horizon).

Idiom; …

Einstein - think - white

..and use yer “God Given” common sense!


This idiom uses head in the sense of “brain” or “intellect,” a usage dating from the late 1300s.

Question: Are America’s Schools and Universities producing a hat rack generation?

hat rack generation 1

(Mr. nobody – going nowhere).

School, ..yeah it has its place, albeit (at least in my opinion), it’s place, is “not on a pedestal” as tall as “our” (progressive liberal) society would like you to believe.

Mortimer - puppet 1

To me, the way I was raised, a school or university is where an individual (lacking in ability and confidence), goes to learn how to be more than they are.

At the age of six, (in the first grade), I accepted my first job, and/or, (gainful employment), from the mother of one of my classmates who owned a diminutive Mexican Café, nestled beneath several of the largest oak trees to be found on the planet.

My task, for which I received a dollar and either a hamburger or a bowl of the “greatest chili” to be found anywhere on the planet as compensation for my labor, was to “rake and bag” the leaves that fell from those great large oaks twice a week, or occasionally thrice.

Question: Of all the boys in town, why did my friend’s mother choose to employ me?

Because I was the kid that didn’t fit in with his peers, ..not because my feet stunk, 🙂 ..but because I stood a head taller than anyone in my class, along with pretty much everyone in the school up to the fourth grade.

Tall runs in my family, at fifteen, I was six foot five and when I returned home from Vietnam, my “youngest” (baby) brother who barely came up to my shoulder when I was drafted, was (six foot nine).

My father was 14 years old in 1929 when the Rothschilds and the moneylenders decided to turn the world on its head.

My father survived the depression by being first in line and working harder than the guy next to him.

gold star - forehead 1a

Hard work is not a pimple on yer’ chin, it’s a gold star on yer’ forehead.

When I was ten years old my family moved from an antique three-bedroom board and bat structure (with a path), in “rural America,” ..into a “brand new” four bedroom stucco with “two bathrooms” in a (track) in the San Fernando Valley.

lawnmower - silhouette 1a

Where I promptly went into business with my dad’s antique push lawnmower, mowing lawns around the neighborhood for $.50 apiece.


Clarification; $.50 for the front lawn and $.50 for the back.


Upon my receipts reaching seven dollars, I promptly bought myself a (used) gasoline powered mower and increased my customer base to twenty-four. I mowed twice a week which brought me a monthly income of $48, which added to the two dollars a night I got for scrubbing the islands at the gas station on the corner, brought my monthly stipend up to a hundred an eight bucks

According to Webster: “sti·pend,” n. (in context) A fixed and regular payment; a salary for services rendered

man with wings

Work gives a man wings!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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