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A busier than usual week, I planted sweet corn on Monday, mowed my grass on Tuesday, so it rained on Wednesday.

Not that driving in the rain bothers me, ..albeit since Mother Nature is a “constitutional conservative” and she follows my blog, she provided me with a beautiful day in the mid-70s for my trip to Rapid City on Thursday for my six month checkup on the old ticker.

What did I do on Friday you ask? When do you think put the graphics together that you’re “hopefully” enjoying today…

three guesses 2a

So now that I’ve shared my week with you (outside of my dungeon and within), let’s check in and see what the public thinks..

readers forum - first shot

Elizabeth from Trenton, (Tramp Stamps – Stylish or Stupid).

As usual, I loved everything you wrote this week, with the favorite for sure, your critique of tramp stamps.

I don’t have a tramp stamp, however I do have a tattoo, or three.

I have an extremely reckless set of bright red lips on my left butt cheek, a bright blue butterfly on my back behind my left shoulder and a great likeness of Snoopy in a shoot out with the Red Baron from atop his doghouse.

They were fun when I was in my twenties, notwithstanding, it’s a damn shame when we grow up and have to apologize for our misspent youth.

readers forum - my opinion 1a

Hello Elizabeth, a genuine pleasure to have you back with us again, “us,” (in reference to both myself and to our readers).

To follow suit with my good friend Alfred, in (my considered opinion) you seem to be too “well-adjusted” to spend a lot of time apologizing, – wait ‘til you’re my age, …

..when apologizing becomes an Industry! 🙂

You’re actually starting to build an admirable fan base, ever consider a profile on 🙂

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Alma from Scottsdale, (Tramp Stamps – Stylish or Stupid).

I have a tramp stamp and I love it, I also love the other fifty-three tattoos I’ve acquired over the last twenty-three years.

I have a Python around my waist and a tiger on my back lying in a field of flowers. I also have net stockings and vines on both legs with other various images included here and there. Thirty-one of my fifty-four tattoos are shared on my arms and are the most complimented because they’re the most visible.

Forum - if you please 1

Hello Alma, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your decorative comment. With that said, the best I can do for you today is to pass on the parable in which it is stated that God favors and looks after fools and children…


scribbling with crayons 2

The reason God looks after fools and children is because fools and children are prone to mischief, such as scribbling on walls with their crayons.


Beyond my journey in the military during which I crossed paths with more than a few individuals who chose to paint, and/or, decorate themselves with an “icon,” and/or, (image) of one description or another – I also spent a period of time in my journey through life on America’s highways and byways catching bugs in my beard – thus, I again crossed paths with more than a few individuals laden with ink.

Not bad people by any stretch of the imagination, (yet in my “narrow-minded” opinion), when it comes to tattoos and body piercings, …

not a fan

If memory serves, (and it does), it’s quite warm in Scottsdale now, ..thus you must be in your glory. well, Chuck.

readers forum - say what

 John from Las Vegas,   (Tramp Stamps – Stylish or Stupid).

I don’t have a tramp stamp in the vernacular, however I do have a number of tattoos, a large number.

Harley-Davidson logo - black an

I got my first tattoo when I got my first Harley, so far I’ve had seventeen Harleys and more than double seventeen tattoos.

Not everyone can ride a Harley and not everyone can wear a tattoo, like people who write about swimming, but haven’t got the guts to jump in the pool.

Readers forum - you talking to me 3

Hello John, thank you for visiting my site, your narrative and your opinions.

As you impress me with being somewhat articulate, as well as being familiar with a keyboard, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Although your (slight) in the form of assuming that I’ve never been in the pool, (in my opinion), you are a butterfly fluttering through life frightened by the world around you.

Thus I’ll cut you some slack, ..not because you ride a Harley or you attest to be covered in tattoos, ..but because I am a gentle soul who loves his fellow man…

killer rabbit 2

..if not for this compassionate side of mine, you would still be anonymous John from Las Vegas.

Have a great day John, 🙂 ..Chuck.

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Annette from Watertown,         (Lies and Consequences).

Your judgment of Hillary Clinton is totally off base, Hillary is a decent, dedicated hard-working woman with America and its people’s best interests at heart, she would make a wonderful President.

readers forum - you need help 1a

Hello Annette, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and your opinion.

With that said, “are you insane?” Unless you’re one of those folks that believe that pulling the wings off of flies is a great pastime…

Hillary's body count 1a

..wake up and count the bodies.

At this point, I usually thank my contributors again and wish them well, albeit I sincerely doubt that you would know what I was talking about.

readers forum - say what

Kevin from Fort Smith,           (Lies and Consequences).

My dad was a police officer in Little Rock for thirty-one years, part of the time while Bill Clinton was governor and Hillary was a lawyer. They were both self-centered snobs then and they’re still both self-centered snobs now.

If the idiots that elected Obama elect Hillary in 2016, we can kiss this country goodbye.

readers forum - listen up Bro 1a

Hello Kevin, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative. As we all know America is currently divided right down the middle with the current administration doing everything it can to stretch the divide.

The Obama’s are in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., (in my humble opinion), for two reason, 1. White people who make up 72.6% of America’s population were pissed off at the Republican Party for selling them George W. Bush.

2. Thirty percent of those white people that make up 72.6% of America’s population were more afraid of being called a bigot, than being unemployed.

Of course it’s stupid, but then that’s what (our) schools and universities are turning out these days. I mean come on, can you imagine how little money a politician could steal from the taxpayers if the taxpayers were smart enough to pour “Kool-Aid” out of their boots?

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Betty Boop from Phoenix,             (Good for America).

I know people are going to call me a bigot for my opinion of Barack Obama and his non-enforcement policy on illegal immigration.

I’ve been married to a man, not from Mexico, for forty-three years. He’s a wonderful man and every bit as American as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln as his family settled in the South West territory of the United States more than a hundred years before the South West territories were a part of the United States.

Ethnicity is not the issue with illegal immigration, the issue and the only issue is breaking the law.

readers forum - what I think

Hello Betty, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your deep understanding of America’s immigration problem.

America with its talisman, …

Lady Liberity 1

“Lady Liberty” and her invitation to;

the huddled masses 1

Is indeed, one of America’s most valued doctrines, however with that shared; “An individual, a family or a Nation” needs nourishment to survive.

learning to fish 1

give a man a fish 1

Under the leadership of Barack Obama, America’s children are not learning to fish.

Question: What does Barack Obama not understand about freedom?

You can’t wrap a man in the chains of socialism/communism and expect that he will somehow float to the top.

Barack Obama is not good for America!

readers forum 1 - state your busi

Olivia from Chicago,       (Friday the 13th Special Edition).

I’ve been following your campaign to inform America about what every non-brainwashed American already knows. I’ve left comments twice before to thank you for your efforts, not to get published.

However, with the news this week, it’s becoming clearer that my son gave his life in Iraq for no reason other than personal and political posturing, I would like to be heard.

America needs to clean house, no one in particular, the entirety of our government needs to be replaced with folks who have either served in the military during wartime, or by individuals who have lost a family member in a war.

I absolutely support patriotism and sacrificing life if there’s a worthy purpose, but dying for a man that wouldn’t die for you doesn’t qualify.

Jason - template (2)

Hello Olivia, thank you for your constituency and thank you for your timely narrative.

With that said; I’d like to add some narrative of my own, as a combat veteran of Viet Nam and a recipient of a Purple Heart, I’d like to commend you for your resolve and your courage.

A little journey down memory lane if I may? After 30+ years of supporting a barbarian by the name of Saddam Hussein, George H.W. Bush had a change of heart.

why - black 1

Could it have had anything to do with his affable relationship with the Saudi Royal Family?

The Gulf War, codenamed Operation Desert Shield occupied America’s military forces from August, 2, 1990 thru January 17, 1991). Purpose, to defend Saudi Arabia.

Operation Desert Storm, January 17, 1991 thru February 28, 1991). Purpose, to defend Kuwait. (Source Wikipedia).

Question: Why would the United States of America use its military in defense of two Middle Eastern countries?

The short answer…

Saudi oil 1a

(Saudi oil).

Consequently, first up with responsibility for your son’s death (in my humble opinion), is…

Poppa Bush 1

(George H. W. Bush).

The Iraq War was an armed conflict in Iraq that consisted of two phases. The first was an invasion of Iraq starting on 20 March, 2003 by an invasion force led by the United States.

It was followed by a longer phase of fighting, in which an insurgency emerged to oppose the occupying forces and the newly formed Iraqi government.

Roughly 96.5 percent of the casualties suffered by the U.S.-led coalition were suffered during the second phase, rather than the initial invasion.

The U.S. completed its withdrawal of military personnel in December 2011, during the ninth year of the war.

However, the insurgency is ongoing and continues to cause thousands of fatalities.


The insurgency is ongoing…

understatement of the decade

Albeit, as “it goes with the territory,” the individual currently responsible for the folks dying in Iraq is our wimpy lead from behind commander-in-chief…


(Barack Hussein Obama).

Of course, Obama did not start the Iraq war, – that dishonor belongs to…

George - worthless

(George W. Bush).

An individual, who (in my considered opinion), wasn’t fit to mow the lawn at the White House.

In 1968 via political string pulling, George W. Bush joined the Texas air National Guard, (in my opinion), to avoid service in Vietnam.


Common, not wealthy or influential “un-American” draft age cowards scurried off to Canada to avoid the draft, …

George and George 1a

While wealthy and influential “un-American” cowards kicked back enjoying the good life under the “auspices and asylum” of their politically affiliated ancestry.


Although water not fit to drink, it is water under the bridge as our Constitution was amended following Roosevelt to restrict anyone individual from serving more than two terms as our commander-in-chief.

A definite saving grace in light of our current commander-in-chief’s proclivity to destroy everything in America with the exception of the Links he enjoys…

Obama indulgence 5 (2)

For an individual who has always advocated that his agenda was to move America forward, “we the people,” haven’t seen anything from his administration with the exception of prices going north, – and our rights going south.

it's good to be King - Obama

Come November, if you’re not a dialed in disciple of the dabbler above, please step up and do Olivia and I a solid by ridding America of as many incumbents as possible.

readers forum - say what

Daniel from Canton,     (Why has bean counting fallen from fashion).

I’ve been reading your blog for several months now, being retired, time isn’t much of an issue anymore.

When I was employed time was the commodity in short supply.

Now that I’m retired, that world has turned on its head and beans are the commodity in short supply.

Bean counting hasn’t fallen from fashion, if anything, bean counting these days is the only thing that gets me from the first of the month to the last.

I’ll be at the polls here bright and early on November 4, to do my part in unemploying every incumbent I’m allowed to vote against, God helps those that take out the trash.

readers forum - this one is min

Hello Daniel, thank you for joining the club and thank you for your positive outlook and support for the nation.

It’s always been debatable as to whether or not the pen was actually mightier than the sword, …

ink pen 1

Albeit “historically,” it has never been a contest when tyranny faces freedom – freedom will reign.

don't you forget it 1a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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