Why has Bean counting fallen from fashion?


During an inadvertent conversation with a friend over the weekend, an infrequent question popped into the mix; …

“What’s so important about knowing how many beans you have?”

Of course, we weren’t actually talking about beans, my friend was using beans as a metaphor for money. My friend, albeit not a wealthy man, is 25 years my junior and still employed, thus he receives a remuneration for his labor every Friday.

Which unequivocally separates his purchasing power from mind by at least a multiple of four as his weekly income is equal to my entire Social Security check.

When I was in the workforce I wasn’t much different than my friend because the distance between Friday’s is far less of a challenge than the distance between June and July.

Nonetheless, even though Homo sapiens are less adaptable to change than ants and cockroaches, we do ultimately get around to living within our means.

habit poster 1

According to Webster: “hab·it,” n. A recurrent, unconscious pattern of behavior acquired through frequent repetition.

habit management 1

The secret to a successful habit, is management.

So when my friend asked me what was so important about knowing how many beans I had, ..being my “logical, and/or, rational self,” I jumped in with; “When you’re at work, what are you responsible for?

To which he promptly replied; “I don’t know, – 16 people and $30 million worth of equipment.”

To which I countered; “So what would you do if you caught one of those sixteen people walking out of the plant with a hundred dollars worth of company property?

you're fired 2a

Which promptly got me; “I’d fire his ass on the spot.”

At which point of course I laid into him with; “The people that work for us in Washington, Congress and Obama waste and misappropriate more money in a day than your company makes in a year, so why don’t they get fired?

Which got me; “Because they work for the government and nobody gets fired from the government.

The kill shot; “Obama and the Congress work for us, you and me and everyone in America who pays taxes.

clipart garden

My friend then asked me if I’d planted my garden yet and there was no more conversation about government waste and malfeasance.

My friend is a good man who doesn’t condone corruption anymore than I do, albeit he can’t risk his home and his family to stand on a soapbox, only old farts that spend the majority of their days in their jimmies and slippers can get away with that.

A parting truism; “The Federal Reserve Bank has now been in existence for 101 years and it has never been audited.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back…

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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