Good for America..

liberty - good for America

According to Webster: “good,”Being positive or desirable in nature.

great title 1

It means, folks finally “wising up” is good for America!

In the news this week; “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor defeated in Republican primary.”

Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader since January 2011 was defeated this week (rumor has it), because of his position on favoring amnesty for illegals, ..yeah that’s right, I did indeed use the ( I ) word…

illegal times three

America doesn’t need immigration reform, America needs immigration enforcement.

In my view, anyone, Republican, Democrat or independent who draws their salary from the U.S. treasury needs to pull their…

head up butt 2

..heads out of their anti-Constitution butts and begin working for the folks that keep them in wingtips.

Cantor - politician times three

There’s a word in my Webster’s, it’s an adjective that means conniving, deceitful, and duplicitous, that word is complicit…

According to Webster: “com·plic·it,” adj. Associated with or participating in a questionable act or a crime.

illegal crossing 2

Fact: Coming to America without jumping through the right hoops and following protocol is a crime, ..period!

Fact: Helping an individual commit a crime in America, is also a crime, ..period!

Question: What about the folks that work hard…

we work hard 1

..and pay taxes?

By failing to enforce “Federal” (immigration laws), Barack Obama, Eric holder and every “federal law enforcement” officer in the United States who accept a “salary” from the U.S. treasury, and/or, ..the U.S. taxpayers, to enforce our immigration laws, is complicit in the crimes committed by each and every illegal immigrant who sneaks across our borders, ..period!

An arguable thought to ponder; “If we’re going to “forgive” folks in America for committing crimes, – why not start by forgiving people who were born in America and when our prisons are empty we can start concentrating on folks that were born in other countries.

people in jail 1a

What’s that you say? We can’t let people out of jail because they broke the law and they have to be punished.

America’s borders to the south have been a turnstile with no token required for more than 100 years – wouldn’t you think that someone in America by now would have figured out that ignoring our immigration law doesn’t work.

that's insane - graphic

Albert Einstein finger to head

definition of insanity

Mount Rushmore - American state

This nation, America was founded and grown by proud men who believed in equality, freedom and opportunity, men of character who put the nations needs before their own…

they were statesmen - graphic

Abraham Lincoln - statesman

According to Webster:“states·man,” (in context) n. A leader disinterested as a promoter of the public good.

politician - graphic

who is Barack Obama 2a

According to Webster:“pol·i·ti·cian,” (in context) n.One who seeks personal gain by scheming and maneuvering.

The reason we have laws against corruption and violence in America is because those that control our government don’t tolerate competition.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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