Question of the Day – Is a tramp stamp stylish or stupid?

trampstamp 1

Good morning, (today’s offering) is the exclusive “personal” opinions of yours truly…

the Chuck

Some months ago, (phrased non-specific) as I’m simply too lazy to look up the date of the post I offered illuminating the lengths that some folks will go to, defile God’s greatest creation.

To describe me as (not a champion) of the “tattoo” would be an understatement worthy of a Nobel prize.

According to Webster: “art,” (in context) n. Man’s endeavor to imitate nature.

Art has been presented by man in many forms, a painting of a tree, a babbling brook, as well as scores of seascapes and spectacular sunsets.

Art can also be presented in the composition of words…

Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act one, Scene three…

Shakespeare - Hamlet - be true

Which of course I interpret as an individual simply being honest with themselves.

When I was twenty-two years old, I received a letter from the president, (or more correctly), I received the “greetings” letter from then President, Lyndon Baines Johnson “inviting” me to an (all expense paid) two year vacation from civilian life, and he wasn’t interested in no for an answer.

i.e. “Basic Training…  

drill Sgt

..and/or, eight weeks of torment, anguish and pain for those of us who spent more time after work on a “bar stool” than in the gym.

So what did the government teach me that I didn’t already know?

drill Sgt 2a

On the first day, as best I remember it, my drill sergeant was insistent on teaching me to stand up straight with my arms at my side…

Which of course was a skill that my mother taught me about the age of three or four…

Then there was walking, another skill that I had mastered 11 months and three days into my existence…

Army running 1a

Once my drill sergeant was satisfied that I was competent to put one foot in front of the other, he “graduated” me and my like petrified comrades to applying our new skill at a picked-up pace by (screaming an almost inaudible), “Double-time Huuuuuuut!”

At the risk of sounding like a narcissistic prodigy, running came to me shortly after I began walking.

According to Webster: “ba·sic,” (in context) adj.  Of, relating to, or forming a base; fundamental.

According to Webster: “fun·da·men·tal,” (in context) Forming or serving as an essential component of…


As a human being I personally believe that one of the most fundamental necessities of civility, is respect.

respect PB 1

tattoo man two a

In both my “humble” and my “considered opinion,” this young man has no respect for himself, his parents or any other person who interacts with him.

woman with spider

I’m sure this individual entertains himself with this image on a daily basis. Albeit, how entertaining is it for those who are startled by his indifference to civility?

tattooed man three

If anyone sees value in this image, I would appreciate your comment next week to let me know what it is.

tattooed woman 1a

A Question: “Does this young woman have a mother? ..or more importantly, ..does she have a daughter?

man would spider

It’s clear that she has a brother…

man with scorpion 1a

..and a cousin.

tattooed man one a

..and even a crazy uncle !


In basic training, we got one authorized 12 hour pass to go to town and hoop it up, – (me personally I had five), – one authorized, ..and four – not so much!

Being the tallest guy in the company, ..I didn’t go unnoticed, consequently I made sure I was noticed by the right people.

Like a couple of our young noncom’s who weren’t quite as frightening to the folks in town as they were to the fledgling troops they lorded over. So my size got me a; “Would you like to go to town tonight,” invitation so they could gulp their beer without fear.

On three of the four occasions with my AWOL benefactors, once they’d gain the courage via an adequate quantity of alcohol, they were off down the street to the tattoo parlor in an effort to one up the other with a picture or platitude on one arm or the other.

If memory serves, (and it does), I declined offers on seven occasions during my 720 days in the military to get “like” tattoos with one drunken buddy or another and I’ve never regretted it.

Fads and crazes come and go, just like politicians, so for those of you who would like less regret in your future, make sure when you cast your vote in November, cast it for a man or a woman that will be less likely to be a “tattoo” on your future.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back…

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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