Honorable Intentions..


I promise that I will support and uphold…

In my personal experience, there’s been an ongoing assault and “diminishing respect” for America’s Constitution over the last fifty years that began in 1913, when then commander-in-chief Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act., into Law.

Mike Rounds and family

I cast my vote on Tuesday, with (honorable intentions) for a good man (that will hopefully become the next U.S. Senator) from South Dakota, ..because what I did yesterday and what “we” do tomorrow will have a (direct impact) on the future of America and the future of the world.

in God we trust - flag

America has been a “Christian Nation” since its founding by Christian men with (all good) and “Honorable Intentions” our founding fathers saw fit to place (equality) above “ideology” and even (common sense) by offering “inalienable rights” to every citizen of this nation, and a proud and wonderful thing that was.

or was it 1

I exam 2020 2

In hindsight, which of course is always “twenty-twenty,” our founding fathers, having just been victorious in a war against unreasonable tyranny and taxation were aglow with altruism and generosity as well as feeling a debt of gratitude towards the men and women that made America’s victory possible.

According to Webster: “debt,” (in context) n. An obligation or liability to pay or render something to someone.

freedom and gratitude 1b

According to Webster: “grat·i·tude,” n. Thankfulness, being grateful.

Obama - I won Graphic 1a

In a nation, or a society where the people are of one mind and loyal to the ideas that created the nation and the society, generosity and hospitality are a just reward.

America divided - Obama 2a

Albeit, in a nation divided by ideology and greed, there is no place for “generosity and hospitality,” as there is no longer a single nation, nor a single society.

United 1

According to Webster: “u·nit·ed,” (in context) adj. Combined into a single entity.

illegal alien protest 1a

Absolutely! ..and unequivocally. Crossing the border into the United States without following the law, (immigration law), is indeed, without any doubt, (a crime). A crime punishable by deportation, fine or prison.

According to our current immigration laws, if apprehended, a transgressor may face fines up to $5 million and 6000 years in jail.

these excuse me 1

That’s for spitting on the sidewalk in front of the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Wash. D.C., ..the current penalty for illegal immigration, is a government check, food stamps, and free medical care.

number of illegals 1a

No number of ethnic individuals from another nation will ever transform America into the nation they fled.

that's my story 2a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back…

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit

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