From my Perspective..

I am the greatest

(Mohammed Ali – World Heavyweight Champion).

I'm the president

(Barack Hussein Obama – 44th U.S. President).

Truism; The difference between Mohammed Ali and Barack Hussein Obama – Mohammed Ali was correct.

Ali in the ring 1

When Mohammed Ali stepped into the ring he knew exactly what he wanted to do…

Ali in the ring 2b

..and he knew exactly how to do it!

ring 1

Barack Obama, in his (war room), bringing “America’s” wrath down on Osama bin Laden, exactly where one would expect to see an individual who leads from behind.

Question: Have you ever seen a better image of indecision?

Obama sucking on his fist

Also, if memory serves, (and it does) I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Mohammed Ali sucking on his fist.

For more than two hundred and thirty-seven years, “America” has been heralded as a nation of laws. The last six of which, (at least in my considered opinion), Barack Obama has made a travesty of America’s reputation by boldly ignoring some and blatantly…

Obama kicking cartoon 2

..kicking others under the bus!

library of Congress 2

To discern the number of laws in all the law books residing in the Library of Congress would unequivocally be on the same plane, …

beans in a boxcar 1 guessing the number of beans in a boxcar.

anti-Obama fluff 1a

Cutting straight to the chase…

If nothing else, Barack Obama has proven that the race card isn’t a qualification to sit in the Oval Office.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back…

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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