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Good morning, it’s been an exceptionally warm week up here in Western South Dakota with temperatures in the high 80s and a couple of days in the mid-90s…

So what’s the upside?

Since I don’t water my grass because the City charges (an arm and a leg) for their H2O – my grass is all “turning brown” so I’m not only going to save on my labor – I’m going to save a bundle on the nearly four dollar a gallon gasoline I’ve been putting in my mower!

So what about the water I have to put on the garden I’m just about to plant?

Using water for my veggies is an acceptable expenditure, I’m going to eat the harvest from my garden – but so far I haven’t been reduced to eating grass – maybe someday?

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Another upside to this week is all the folks that appreciated and got a kick out of my series on Walmart versus the U.S.

So let’s get started…

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Elizabeth from Trenton,       (Life before Walmart).

What the heck, I figure if you can write every day, I can write once a week.

Believe it or not, I worked for Walmart a number of years back, I lasted five months, I never hated working anywhere so much in my life as I hated working at Walmart.

Could go on, but I won’t, they had their way of doing things and I have mine, we didn’t hit it off.

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Hello Elizabeth, my better half worked for Walmart for nine years – she could tell you stories about her experiences that I’m sure would qualify her right up there with the best curlers in the world.

Always good to hear from a patriot, see you next week.

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Daniel from Columbus,         (Life before Walmart).

I was a district manager for Walmart in California for twenty-one years, you’re quite a whiz with words, and your graphics were spot on.

I was introduced to your blog by a phone call from a friend in Arizona who thought I might get a kick out of what you wrote this week, he was spot on as well.

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Hello Daniel, thank you for visiting my website and thank you for your narrative.

As a law-abiding individual who has worked for everything I’ve ever owned, I’ve rarely been “impressed” by folks who have accrued great wealth, albeit with that said; I will admit that I am extremely envious of their possessions 🙂

Drop-in again soon, Chuck.

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Name and location withheld,       (Life with Walmart).

I love Walmart and I love America, where else but in a dog eat dog corrupt society like we enjoy here in the USA, could a twenty-two year old unexceptional student graduate with a 4.0 GPA.

I started working at Walmart three years ago straight out of college, within four months I elevated myself from an entry-level associate selling trac-phones, to the Asst. Manager of my store.

How does one so young accomplished so much you ask? I had sex with my professors to get my grades and I had sex with my boss to get my promotion. Then I had sex with her boss to get her job.

So God bless America, God bless corruption, and most of all God bless infidelity.

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Hello Sam, it wasn’t easy making the decision as to whether or not to publish your narrative, – but then, ..what the hell, as you pointed out – we are a corrupt society, – thus, whether or not “I approve” of (your behavior) isn’t the question here – the question is, (at least for me personally), …

Obama - Sibelius 2a you have any designs on going into politics.

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Miller from Dayton,           (Life without Walmart).

I’ve been reading your blogs for more than two years, you definitely have a great style, as well as a gift when it comes to understanding what conservatives like to read and I let you know at least twice a week, maybe someday I’ll make the forum?

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Hello Miller, I suppose it’s about time I thank you for your support and your participation, without further ado…

Miller time 1

As for knowing what conservatives like, I allude to the old cliché; …

it takes one to know one 4a

Glad you like my blather, my door is always open, Chuck.

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Simone from Chadron,         (Life without Walmart).

I’ve been reading your blog for about five months, I got your web address from my sister who lives in Hot Springs. I’d like to ask you where you live in Western South Dakota, but you probably enjoy your privacy as much as I enjoy mine.

We have a great Walmart Superstore here in Chadron and although we survived before it came here, I’m glad it’s here because it adds a good fifteen percent to my grocery money.

If we didn’t have a government that keeps more of our Social Security money then they returned to us, there is a chance I might think differently, but I doubt it.

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Hello Simone, or should I say hi neighbor? Thank you for your participation and thank you for your narrative, and thank you most of all for your understanding of where our “Social Security” dollars go.

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Kenneth from Lexington,           (Life without Walmart).

My wife and I rode to Sturgis last year for our 35th wedding anniversary and while touring your historically wealthy area we visited the Aladdin store.

Americana and cold beer was the order of the day and the Aladdin Store had plenty of both. Keep doing what you’re doing, I’ve been reading your stuff for more than a year.

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Hello Kenneth, thank you for enjoying and supporting my ‘lil enterprise here. I’ve been living in Western South Dakota for nineteen years now and not a day goes by that I don’t love it as much as the first day I got here.

This little corner of the earth resides smack dab dead in the middle of a banana belt that provides mild winters along with an August, (as you well know), if you attended the rally, (hot enough) to draw a sidewinder missile from Timbuktu. 🙂

But please don’t tell anyone, because we enjoy our …

diminutivity PB (2)

And for you spelling freaks, yes! ..I’ve coined another word,

Sue Me 3

Catch Cha on the Rebound, Chuck.

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Grayson from Anchorage,       (Life without Walmart).

My daughter sent me the link to your website in March from the lower forty-eight, she thinks you’re the best blogger on the Internet and after reading your take on Obama and the world for two and a half months, I believe I agree with her.

grinning first family 1

Not a fan of our grinning first family, I’m being nice.

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Hello Grayson, thank you for your approval and thank you for your narrative. I can agree with your assessment of mom and dad, albeit in all good conscience I can’t lay any blame at the feet of Natasha and Malia.

Children, while growing up innately love their parents as it should be,

Genghis Khan had five sons with his Empress Borte of the Onggirat and many other children with his morganatic wives.

Nature doesn’t provide for children to choose their parents, albeit nature does provide “the bond” between a child and his or her parents, …

Graham - Capone 1a they ministers or mobsters.

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Emmett from Aberdeen,         (Life Without Walmart).

I retired from the Army six years ago after twenty-four years looking forward to my golden years as you referred to them in the final chapter of your Walmart series this week.

So my question to you is, with Obama spending a $1 trillion a year more than the nation takes in, when are my promised golden years going to get here?

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Hello Elliott, best question I’ve had, “maybe forever,” sure wish I could answer it for you – but I’m waiting too.

Operating as a democratic republic as America does, it is no one person’s fault that Barack Obama is currently residing in the White House – if the U.S. President was actually elected by popular vote, – we would have 65,915 796 folks to blame.

Albeit since 90% of the population in America was “illiterate” when our founding fathers penned the Constitution, we only have 332 folks to blame, the folks elected by (nobody knows who) – to “our” electoral College, “outdated system” that not only makes a travesty of America’s real colleges, ..but it makes a travesty of Abraham Lincoln’s words at Gettysburg as well.

Lincoln Memorial 1

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Thank you for stopping by, come by again anytime, Chuck

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Angela from Panorama City,         (Life without Walmart).

I introduced my poly-sci professor at Cal. State Northridge to your blog on Monday and it was a tossup as to the outcome.

My girlfriend said he’d have kittens, while I stuck with turning blue and laying an egg. 🙂

Liberals have no sense of humor, he took it as a personal affront. Now if I want to graduate this semester I have to write 5000 words explaining why bloggers are a blight on humanity.

Any suggestions? I’m open to anything.

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Hello Angela, thank you for carrying my banner into battle and thank you for sharing your story.

Alluding to the historical and infamous words of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman…

war is hell 1863

Academics could be a useful commodity, if catered with truth and seasoned with “common sense.” I make no secret of the fact that I am a constitutional conservative with little or no appreciation for people who believe that they know how to spend my money better than I do.

If you would like, I will write you 5000 words exposing the tyranny and the unjust conduct of professors who use their authority to intimidate their pupils, – just say the word.

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Henry from Livingston,                 (Forbidden).

As a black man the first time I read your blog I was infuriated beyond reason. I prefaced with that declaration to share my regret for my prejudiced. I’ve been following your writings for nearly a year now and although I’ve considered composing a comment for more than six months, this is my first.

I bought into Barack Obama in 2008 and again in 2012 with confidence that he would deliver on his promises to me and to our people, he hasn’t and he won’t and I understand this now from your writing.

I earned my first teaching credential in 1975, I’ve taught in grade schools, middle schools and high schools, all with the unshared attitude that I had accomplished my goal of being as good as a white man.

In reading what you write and the way you write it over this last year, you have turned me on my head. I could blame Barack Obama’s behavior on his white half to justify my life and my bigotry, or I should say that I could have before I started reading your blog.

Until now, I believed that my life was a reality, when in reality my life was nothing more than my perspective, my black perspective.

Thank you my friend, Henry.

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Hello Henry, thank you for participating with your comments and narrative today. In the Hollywood production of the film; “Forrest Gump,” Forrest shares his mother’s expression;…

box of chocolates 1

Forrest shares his mother’s expression throughout the film, (in my opinion), not to promote life’s complications, ..but to promote its simplicity.

God gave man free will to set the corner stone of his house on hard ground – or to seek out ground more favorable for planting seeds.

Color is not a choice, ..albeit ideology is!

Don’t stay away so long next time, Chuck.

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Name and location withheld,             (Forbidden).

I work for one of the largest insurance companies in America and I’ve worked here for 17 years. When Obama announced that he was going to provide thirty million uninsured people with health insurance, at little or no cost, my bosses all but crapped their collective pants.

Now they can’t wait for the next phase to be implemented, because as each new phase becomes law, industry profits multiply by at least the power of ten.

A liar and a scam artist is a liar and a scam artist regardless of his color. Now before my brothers and sisters who might read this start looking for a bucket of tar, I want you to know that my mother is a black woman and my father is a black man, do the math.

Neither of my parents went to college but they made sure I did by saving five percent of their meager incomes. Neither of my parents ever applied for welfare or any government assistance, my parents worked hard to fulfill their promise to themselves on my behalf.

My parents didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008 or in 2012 and neither did I. God bless America.

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Greetings to you my anonymous friend, with that said, let me be perfectly clear in my next affirmation; “There is no greater delight for me as a human being than to meet someone who understands the meaning of being an American.

I salute you 1a

Drop by again soon, ..and often, Chuck.

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Adam from Philadelphia,   (What is Racism Worth to You).

Like Barack Obama, my mother is white and my father is black, unlike Barack Obama, my black father didn’t desert my white mother nor did I ever feel that my mother was an embarrassment when I was with my black friends.

Sadly, I was caught up in the frenzy of voting for the black man because he was a black man.

Not all of us go to church, nor do all of us work from nine to five. I love my mother dearly, but I married a black woman and I presently have four black children. Using hindsight as my guide I can honestly say that I believe things were better for me and my family before Obama.

Racism, sadly; is a fact of life, the same as homophobia or sexism. Acrophobia is the fear of heights, arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and agoraphobia is the fear of leaving a safe place.

I know what I’m talking about because my wife is afraid of heights and spiders scare the hell out of me. Good thing I’m not agoraphobic or I’d have to turn in my badge and gun.

Folks in the future will undoubtedly hold Obama’s feet to the fire for his deception and indifference to the Constitution and blame the color of his skin.

Folks in the future will be wrong, because Obama, although there is no question about his African heritage, I served in the Marine Corps in Iraq in Desert Storm, there is no part of Barack Obama that is African-American other than his proclivity to play the race card when things aren’t going his way.

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Semper Fi, and hello Adam, ..albeit I was a simple grunt with a machine gun in Vietnam, I hold no (animosity) towards you for your “youth” or for the fact that you were a jarhead.

According to Webster: “an·i·mos·i·ty,” Bitter hostility or open enmity; active hatred.

According to Webster: “jar·head,” n. Slang. A U.S. Marine.

Since you said what you said better than I could say what you said, I leave you with these seldom uttered words from William Shakespeare; …

a veteran by any name

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back…

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Crusader Rabbit…

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