Question of the Day; What is Racism Worth to You?

money and authority 1

According to Webster: “val·ue,” (in context) n. Material worth or importance.

racism means nothing 1

To these folks, it means nothing…

free pass and celebrity 1a these folks, it’s the meaning of life!

Michelle on Safari 3

To these folks, it’s a free ride beyond Disney…

Paula Deen - Briarpatch 1a this woman, it was a Briarpatch!

US First Amendment 1

According to Webster: “a·bridg·ing,” To reduce the length of (a written text); condense.

Nowhere in the First Amendment is it written or even alluded to that abridging freedom of speech or freedom of the press is acceptable if the “speech” offends an individual or a group of individuals.

Every man and woman in this country, (no exceptions), that win an elected office in our federal government, take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

An oath, (which in my opinion), every last one of them from the top down or the bottom-up is (in violation) of that oath the moment they remove their hand from the Bible and initiate their acceptance speech, which traditionally begins with the individual’s appreciation for your confidence in him or her.

Which, after a traditional pause for applause, the individual morphs into repeating the “promises” that got him or her the office.

Then when all the rhetoric is said and done, they don their…

inauguration ball 1a tuxedo and bright red gown and greet their detractors without a frown.

According to Webster: “de·trac“tor,” To undergo a reduction in value, or importance.

Barack Hussein Obama, (at least in my opinion), is a dyed in the wool, dedicated “socialist/communist” ideologue, ..that believes as much in what he believes in, as I believe in what I believe in.

Differences of opinion, “are not strangers” in a manufactured society, nor are they “strangers” in nature. Whether you wish to reference birds, bears, or butterflies…

racist butterflies 2

..all of God’s creations choose their own path.

And yes, I know I’m going to get a lot of flak from atheists who are faithful to evolution – albeit either way, there are no halfbreed birds, halfbreed bears, or halfbreed butterflies.

With the commercial push on television and in the motion picture industry to meld whites and blacks – if continued, I feel compelled to inform black folks, (especially Jesse and Al), that your days of playing the “race card” are numbered, as biology dictates that a child born to a black man and a white woman will be black – as will a child born and to a white man and a black woman.

Think about it, within a “hundred years,” possibly fifty, ..if the trend picks up, folks will be the (majority), and “white people” will be holding the race cards.

Jesse and Al 2

Life as you know it, – will be history!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back…

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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