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According to Webster: “in·clu·sion,” The act of including or the state of being included.

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According to Webster: “ex·clu·sion,” The act or practice of excluding or the state of being excluded.

With my friend Stacy’s help, my driveway has a new lift of rock on the low side – with “plenty” of rock set aside for my planter boxes.

Anyone’s interested in why I’m at my keyboard this morning, you can thank Elizabeth from Trenton.

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Elizabeth from Trenton,         (The whole week).

Thank you for immortalizing me on your blog, one less thing I now to worry about on my bucket list.

You’ve had another great week, I was especially pleased to learn about Douglas Corrigan as I am currently taking flying lessons, another thing on my bucket list along with skydiving and spearfishing. Also both accomplished.

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Hello Elizabeth, great to have you back so soon and even better to learn a little more about you.

Been there and done that with the flying lessons, albeit you have me beat in the (skydiving department) ..and I’m one of those people who have always believed that if God intended for me to navigate underwater, he would have provided me with gills. 🙂

When I was four years old my family lived in Oxnard, Calif., just a hop skip and a jump to Ventura where grunion hunting was extremely popular in the spring and summer.


California grunion

Grunion are two fish species of the genus Leuresthes: they are the California grunion, L. tenuis, and the Gulf grunion L. sardinas.

They are sardine-sized teleost fishes of the Atherinopsidae family of New World silversides, found only off the coast of California, and Baja California, Mexico, where the species are found on both the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California coasts.

California grunion 2

A great number of people enjoy catching grunion at events called “grunion runs”. (Source, Wikipedia).

The trick, and/or, method of catching grunion is with the bare hand which is “motivated” by (adequately imposed fines) for anyone caught with a scoop or a net.

On one such outing I was “sucked under” in the undertow of the receding tide and swept out more than fifty yards, and had my father not been alert and a strong swimmer,’s doubtful that we would be having this exchange today.

Again, great to have you back, Chuck.

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Marcia from Ardmore, OK.   (Consternation – all week).

I grew up in Southern California, in Encino and Van Nuys in the late 80s. In my high school, for girls that didn’t belong to a gang it was open season, for the girls that did belong to a gang, it was due as you’re told or we’ll hurt your family.

I feel nothing but hate for black people. In my heart I know that all black people are not bad, but that doesn’t matter when you’ve had black people do to you what I’ve had black people do to me.

In Reply - PB 2

Hello Marcia, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

Not having any experience in my life to compare with what you have shared, I find myself at a total loss for a competent response.

me - 1965. 2jpg

What I do have in my life, is the experience of serving in the United States Army in Vietnam in 1965.

I have the experience of carrying an M-60 machine gun into combat.

According to Webster: “com·bat,” (in context) Armed battle.

The M-60 machine gun equipped with an assault bag and 100 rounds of 7.62 NATO ammunition weighs 35 pounds.

The M-60 machine gun was manufactured with a cycle rate of fire of 550 rounds per minute.

M-60 Machine Gun 1

The M-60 machine gun is an awesome weapon.

Although I have not experienced the physical and emotional pain suffered by a victim of terrorism and molestation as you described, I do carry the knowledge that I was a perpetrator of terror and violence.

I also understand that as my part in the Vietnam War was not voluntary – (or within the scope of my “personal” values), combined with my God given free will, ..I can choose to (lay the blame) for my actions where it belongs.

Whether it provides you with any solace or not, (if my opinion holds any weight) with you? You are no more responsible for what happened to you than I am for what happened to me.

According to Webster: “sol·ace,” (in context) Consolation in sorrow and misfortune.

Laying the blame for ill deeds where it belongs is as human as it gets – and since we are all human, (at some level), you have no reason not to feel the way you do.

Albeit a sad truth, hate is as legitimate a feeling in the world we live in as elation, love or compassion.

Thank you again for sharing, Chuck.

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Brandon from Evanston,         (Consternation).

I’m a black man who grew up on the south side of Chicago so it’s taken me longer than most to come to terms with what we, black folks, did to America by electing Barack Obama.

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Hello Brandon, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your “straightforward” comment. With that said; at the risk of incurring your wrath by correcting you, “black folks” did not put Obama in the White House, a herd of (wimpy, ineffectual “guilt ridden” white folks did that).

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Wyatt from Cheyenne,       (Consternation).

I’ve only been reading your blog for about three weeks now, but I’m hooked. I spent three nights last week reviewing your archives and I didn’t find a single posting that I don’t agree with.

In Reply - PB 2

Hello Wyatt, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative and your opinion.

I truly appreciate hearing from people who enjoy what I write, not because I’m a narcissist, but rather because I’m an old conservative that truly loves his country.

America’s been good to me, as the son of a man that taught me honest work was the cornerstone of an honest society, I feel somewhat of an obligation to the current generation that is being denied an honorable government, a government as prescribed in the Constitution by our founding fathers, not an America as desired by the progressive liberals in Congress, the communist in the Oval Office, or the moneylenders from Austria.

Adolf Hitler - graphic 1

(Adolf Hitler).

The simple truth; “No dictator in (recorded history) has ever been remembered for providing sustenance and opportunity for those he ruled.”

Again, thank you for your participation, Chuck.

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Cassandra from Greeley,       (Consternation).

I started reading your blog shortly after Thanksgiving and I’ve truly enjoyed every post. You are a genuinely inspiring writer.

A question if I may?

As vocal as you are and have been about Barack Obama and Eric Holder disregarding federal immigration laws, why haven’t you been more vocal on their disregard for federal marijuana laws?

I’m a native of Colorado and I dearly love it here, I currently teach math and social studies to third and fourth grade kids. No child, or adult for that matter, should be exposed to mind altering substances.

Please, if you allow requests, I would be extremely pleased if you would publish some facts about the harm that can result from using marijuana and other mind altering drugs.

In Reply - PB 2

Hello Cassandra, thank you for visiting my site and for your opinion and glorification, it’s not too often that I receive such acclaim.

According to Webster: “harm,” 1. Physical or psychological injury or damage. 2. Wrong; evil.

As I have no qualification for judging wrong or evil, as wrong and evil are subjective terms with definitions that can change with the tide of society, I reserve comment.

As to physical and psychological injury and damage, I totally agree that any substance or practice that can alter the state of an individual’s capacity for “understanding the difference” between (right and wrong), should be denied.

Not being a chemist or qualified in any science, I withhold comment on marijuana’s physical effect on the human body.

As to psychological injury or damage – I again allude to my lack of expertise – albeit, thanks to my God given “Common Sense,” and the (values) instilled by my parents – I side with you in respect to the fact that altering and individuals mind is not only harmful to the individual – but potentially harmful to anyone and everyone that an individual in an “altered state” comes in contact with.

It is my fervent belief that an individual altered by marijuana, alcohol or even a fit of anger can be devastating to anyone around them, especially behind the wheel of an automobile.

In truth, the world is dangerous enough when everyone is happy and behaving properly – just ask the folks who live in tornado alley, hurricane prone Florida, or the wildfire prone states out West.

Drop-in again soon, it’s been enjoyable, Chuck.

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Tom from Oregon,                 (An Open Letter).

Trade in watching faux for WFN ( world fishing network ), ..

Get yourself a new rod and reel and about $250 worth of new lures and terminal tackle that you can loose when you get snagged on a rock or sunken chunk of wood.

Later that night you can sit around a smoky camp fire eating beanies and weenies while telling the stories of the big one that got away and slapping at mosquitoes.

Flip a hoochi at a rising brook trout and flip Sean Hannity the bird. Toss a plug at a passing bass and tell Rachel Maddow to kiss your (expletive).

Point your writing abilities at the real bad guys. Monsanto has killed and maimed more Americans than all muslim terrorists combined yet we allow them to take control of our food supply.

The congress is more than willing to borrow the $ to send us to war but then doesn’t want to take care of “our” veterans because it costs $ and who wants to spend $ on something that is of no further use.

The “Citizens United” decision and subsequent removal of contribution limits has allowed off shore interests to have a major impact on our sovereignty and future as a free nation.

We are selling our government and country to an aristocracy of the insanely wealthy while the working class pays the bills.

That of course is the design and plan. They put it in writing in 1998. (PNAC papers).

Step back to 2 or 3 times a week. Don’t give up the ship just find a way to fish from the deck. Mornin Chuck.

In Reply - PB 2

Hello Tom, as always it’s good to hear from you. For those of you not acquainted with Tom, ..he’s a veterans advocate and one of the good guys.

Albeit, Tom and I both believe in a “traditional” Constitutional America, we haven’t always agreed on how to get there.

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Kenny from Tehachapi,               (An Open Letter).

At the ‘crossroad’ eh ? It is a tough decision.. you have done very well with your Blog.. Something to be very proud of….

Kinda like the “Truman” show. Your life has been paraded around the globe.. translated into numerous languages and has, most assuredly, been viewed by NSA as well.

Your fans may not let you retire as your message has been strong and true lo these many years.

You have been as reliable as the earth turning and your ‘stick-to-it-iv-ness’ is unquestionable.

A few of your ‘haters’ will be glad if you quit ‘exposing’ our President for the fool he is so they can move on to the next obstacle.

I am sure you will make the right decision as you always have. Your Friend, Kenny.

In Reply - PB 2

Hello Kenny, good to hear from you as well, “for those of you not acquainted with Kenny,” (it’s rare that a day goes by that I don’t hear from him), is also rare that a day goes by that Kenny doesn’t send me an (article) or a (tidbit) of information that he feels might be of interest.

Kenny is also one of the “good guys,” ..a true American that worked for everything he has and appreciates the freedoms afforded him by “our” Constitution.

As to giving up the ship, and/or, quitting – it’s doubtful, albeit I will be dividing my time with my garden through the summer.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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