An Open Letter..

hear ye 2a

Good morning, after three years of pouring my heart and soul, “along with some occasional humor,” into publishing my thoughts and opinions concerning life as I perceive it, I have come to an intersection – to continue pouring myself into this endeavor, ..or move on to something more productive?

As rewarding as this endeavor has been to me personally, when analyzed from a neutral perspective – it’s difficult to merit the energy I spend.

I propelled myself through the Lions share of April, (with the exception of a few days), that I was unable to answer the bell), because I was “eyes deep” in the throes of bronchitis.

Not complaining mind you; ..simply sharing!

I spent yesterday with my friend Stacy acquiring six tons of one inch gravel, – half to patch the low side of my driveway and half to level some low areas in his.

With our winter up here in God’s country at its end, with the exception of that one (shouldn’t have fallen), late snow that will hit us within the next two weeks, I’m currently preparing to plant some seeds with a grand expectation of a bountiful harvest around August.

Not that I couldn’t push myself to do both, ..but when I ask myself in all sincerity, why should I?

Chuck and Trixie 4a

(Yours truly – circa 1949).

What used to be pep in my step…

me and Sadie 1a

(Yours truly – 2014). now a hitch in my get along.

Concerning tomorrow, and/or, my Readers Forum…

maybe maybe not

Truth forges understanding, ..think about it.

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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