Consternation, Chapter two..

Obama - consternation 1

(Consternation America can believe in).

Life at its foundation, whether an individual is dealing with acquisition or termination, the motivation for every interaction or exchange in the animal kingdom is want, need or fear.

As an individual with a graphic imagination, I gleefully offer you the following three images for your imagination…

A depiction of want…

want need fear 1

According to Webster: “want,” n. To desire greatly; wish for.

A depiction of need…

want need fear 1

According to Webster: “need,” n. Lacking something required or desirable.

A depiction of fear…

want need fear 1

According to Webster: “fear,” n. A feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger.

Accordingly, if black folks, and/or, individuals of any ethnicity who feel beset upon by societal pressure at any level really want to put racism on the shelf forever, then those who display their race cards the quickest must lead the way.

one way street sign

Racism is not a one-way street, …

racism - Jewish 1

..nor is it a “current” or “local” problem.

racism - Indians 1

It is simply human nature for an individual of any ethnicity to favor and protect what he or she receives to be theirs.

bigotry is human

According to Webster: “big·ot,” One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

Using our imaginations as transportation, let’s travel back to 1773 and re-examine some of the pertinent events that were responsible for the nation that we reside in today.

Boston tea party 1a  - Boston Harbo

Question: Why did King George the third feel that he wanted or needed more?

King George the third 1a

Quite simple really; “When a man, woman or child is raised to believe that they are entitled – whether through dynasty or legislation – that man woman or child will know no limit.

vacation was great 2a

Drawing attention to the plight of the poor in a “State of the Union” address (is not) representation – it (is utilization) and utilization without representation is every bit as inequitable as taxation without representation.

If you cast your vote for Barack Obama and you are yet to understand that after five and a half years under his thumb that you have been used with impunity, you are not only part of the problem in America, are a total imbecile.

Obama - imbeciles 1a

According to Webster: “im·be·cile,” (in context) A person of moderate to severe mental retardation having a mental age of from three to seven years and generally being capable of some degree of communication and performance of simple tasks under supervision.

Prior to the emergence of Barack Hussein Obama, (no one), “citizen or undocumented visitors” were ever refused medical services in America.

Barack Obama’s signature legislation, and/or, “Obamacare” (was not designed to provide) anything for (the indigent and poor) beyond what the indigent and poor already had access to. Obamacare was written by insurance company attorneys with the express goal of increasing the insurance industries profits – Obamacare has indeed created change in America, albeit, it is (not a change for the better) unless of course you own an insurance company.

The working class, and/or the middle class, has always paid the freight for the indigent and the poor – the only thing that has changed is now the (insurance companies profits) have tripled, and/or, quad tripled!

Barry and Karl - graphic 2a

Barack Obama is not the friend of the rich man or the poor man, Barack Obama is a communist – therefore in actuality, Barack Obama has no friends.

To be continued…

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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