When in the course of human events..

it becomes necessary - graphic

American History; …

In 1938 after being denied permission to make a nonstop (trans-Atlantic), flight from New York to Ireland…

Douglas Corrigan 1

(Douglas Corrigan – a.k.a. “Wrong Way” Corrigan).

..a young man by the name of Douglas Corrigan took the bull by the horns and decided to ignore the civil aviation authority and set out on his quest anyway, filing a “return” flight plan to fly from New York back to Long Beach, California, (28 hours and 13 minutes), later Douglas Corrigan landed in Dublin.

Douglas Corrigan 2a

Earning the young Irishman forever the respected nickname of “wrong way” and a timeless slot in Aviation history.

In today’s America, Douglas Corrigan would be arrested and most likely spend time in jail. He would most definitely have his airplane confiscated by the government and by no means would our current government allow Douglas Corrigan…

Davy Crockett - folk hero 1

In fact, there’s a real good chance that he would be labeled a terrorist, and sent to Guantánamo, ..because that’s the sad world we live in today.

Davy Crockett - folk hero 1a

Sad but true, the only folks in America today that are allowed to circumvent, ignore, or blatantly disregard the law – are the folks that write – enact – and “theoretically” enforce them.

America is a nation of laws and tradition, – laws and tradition, laws enacted via “common sense” and (time tested) to shield America’s population from the current elitist and corruption that have infiltrated our government at every level, America is definitely in need of a change – a change from corruption and its direction towards communism.

As renowned English poet, satirist, lawyer, and cleric John Donne so eloquently explicated in one of his “Seventeenth Century” sermons; …

no man is an island - graphic

..and that goes double for folks like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who have adopted the policy that the American taxpayers are a “never ending” source for their follies.

According to Webster: “fol·ly,” (in context) A lack of good sense, understanding and foresight; – foolishness.

spending out of debt 1c

According to Webster: “fool“ish·ness,” (in context) A lack of good sense resulting from stupidity or misinformation.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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