Obama - Simpson 3a

According to Webster: “nul·li·fi·ca·tion,” (in context) Refusal to recognize or enforce the law.

To follow my yesterdays “rant” on equality and equal justice under the law – I’m going for my “Bigot Personified” card by again daring to kick sand on…

Obama - race card 1a

..the race card.

If it doesn't fit 1a

(If it doesn’t fit – you must acquit).

O.J. Simpson sashayed out of a California courtroom a free man on October 3, 1995 because a predominantly (black jury) was persuaded by “Johnny Cochran” a (black attorney) that his (black client) should be acquitted because (black people) in America “were not treated fairly” in the American judicial system.


Simpson’s legal team, (in my humble opinion), being aware of the “disconnect” between black folks and reality, chose to go with a jingle and rhyme strategy, – (if it doesn’t fit – you must acquit), after all, rhyming is “time tested” and has sold tons of Cheerios and even more dead chicken body parts.


flag and gavel

According to Webster: “fair,” (in context) Just and equitable.

Question: Ask anyone in America with a Social Security card if they got their Social Security card without providing a birth certificate?

I served two years in the United States Army at the behest of the United States government – upon forced induction – I had to provide both a certified copy of my birth certificate and my Social Security card.

At age sixteen when I applied for my drivers license, I had to provide a certified copy of my birth certificate, – at twenty-one I had to provide my drivers license as identification to buy a sixpack of beer.

Question: Why is it that throughout my life – when seeking employment – a bank loan – a mortgage – the purchase of an automobile – or that sixpack of beer – I’ve been required to identify myself – yet Barack Obama is serving his second term as president of the United States – and to my personal satisfaction – he has yet to properly identify himself.

Be quiet 1a

Question: Why should someone as important as Barack Obama have to identify himself to me, and/or, to an ordinary old white man?

Correct answer; …

he works for me 1

..and because I’m a home grown son of my Uncle Sam and when presented with the opportunity to join the…

black people club 1

As I have stated before, I served in the military, stateside in Garrison and in combat in Vietnam with black men – I also worked beside black men and black women in industry – all wonderful people.

Not one of the black people I served with in the military or worked with in industry ever came up to me and said; “I’m a little short this week and my child needs a new pair shoes.”

The color of an individual’s skin does not make them good, bad or an American – what makes an individual good or bad or an American – is their character, – it’s that simple.

If that makes me a racist, – then by all means – bring out your spray cans and “lambaste me” with what you will – because sticks and stones will break my bones – but words will never hurt me.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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