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Gordon from Midland,     (A Culture of Secrets and Lies).

I’ve been following your blog for about four months now and I have been sharing your bronchitis for the last two weeks.

Consequently I have a special appreciation for your tenacity as well as your talent to amuse as well as inform.

Your series this last week has been the best yet, keep it up, this country needs to be informed that the fat lady has been singing since Obama stepped into the Oval Office and if we don’t stop the goons in Washington, both sides, soon, there won’t be anything left to save.

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Hello Gordon, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your narrative.

I served in Vietnam with a man named Gordon, he was from New York City – a lot of good men served in Vietnam.

Then there were men like John Kerry and John McCain who use their military celebrity to catch a ride on the public dole.

Funny thing about giving someone something for nothing, (not funny ha ha), “funny mysterious,” as no one is immune amenities…

According to Webster: “a·men·i·ty,” (in context) Something that contributes to physical or material comfort.

Wealthy or destitute, (other than Mahatma Gandhi and his followers), Homo sapiens, over the last 50 to 80,000 years have proven conclusively that we don’t walk away from, or reject comfort.

For more than 230 years men have emerged from the pack by promising the pack that they would provide for, and/or, “serve” the pack (better) than their opponent, and/or, their opponents.

According to Webster: “bet·ter,” Greater in excellence or in quality than another of the same class, set, or kind.


An inconvenient truth, …

No President, Senator or Congressperson in the history of this nation has ever served the population of this nation to a higher standard than they have served themselves.

According to Webster: “serve,” (in context) To work for.

A thought to ponder; “Imagine how long General Motors, or United Airlines would remain in business if everyone they employed in their management were authorized to set their own hours and their own salaries?” Chuck.

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Emiline from Norfork,       (A Culture of Secrets and Lies).

My husband is a staff driver for a division of the Department of Justice and I want you to know I’m sick of people like you who sit in dark rooms writing trash about Barack Obama and our government.

Before Barack Obama was elected my husband was a cab driver we had to sign up for food stamps to feed our children.

Barack Obama has done more for poor people in America than any president in history, why can’t you accept that?

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Hello Emiline, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your version of Barack Obama.

America is a nation of immigrants, folks from every corner of the globe – and from every ethnicity and color. Not just black folks with a distant connection to Africa.

A man or woman born in Africa, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or color, is an African.

A man or woman born to in America, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or color, is an American.

A decent man or woman, make their way in life by way of work and wisdom.

A politician, man or woman, make their way in life via words and wit.

According to Webster: “wit,” (in context) n. Perception.

According to Webster: “re·al·i·ty,” The quality or state of being actual or true.

When your husband drove a taxi cab for a living, he actually earned a portion of the money that supported you and your children.

Whereas, currently as an employee of “our” government, the American taxpayers are picking up the full burden of your living expenses.

A thought for you to ponder; “Imagine if the U.S. government utilized private enterprise, (taxis, and/or, limousines), would that not provide more jobs in the private sector and save the taxpayer the cost of thousands of luxury automobiles?”

..not to mention increasing the tax base and relieving the burden of the few who currently have productive jobs. Chuck.

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Sheryl from Norman, OK.   (A Culture of Secrets and Lies).

I’ve been reading your blog for more than two years, the first as I remember was entitled; “A Question of Race” in which you posted a picture of Charlize Theron introducing her as the only true African-American you were aware of.

It was a great read, very informative, you should repost it sometime, if you do that?

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Hello Sheryl, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for hanging around.

To expound that I remember the article at any level would be rubbish or nonsense, albeit I do remember the photograph of

Charlize Theron - African Ameri

“Charlize Theron,” ..I’m old, – ..but not that old! – Chuck.

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Elliott from Santa Barbara,   (A Culture of Secrets and Lies).

This week has been thoroughly enjoyable, I like the series presentation, you should do it more often. Keep doing what you’re doing, I’ve been logging on for about three months and so far I’ve added nine of my friends to your fan club.

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Hello Elliott, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for sharing. I appreciate everyone who enjoys reading what I write, albeit I appreciate those that share what I write with their friends even more. Chuck.

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Sarah from Campbell,     (A Culture of Secrets and Lies).

Hello, I’m not only new to reading blogs, I’m new to reading about politics. I don’t like the news they report on television because television reporters are reporting only what they’re told to report.

My parents voted for Mitt Romney because Barack Obama hates rich people.

I won’t be 18 until February, so I won’t be able to vote in the November elections, or I would vote against every Democrat on my ballot.

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Hello Sarah, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your kind words. It is extremely gratifying to an “old fart” like me to learn that there are still young folks interested in their future.

My mother believed that there was good in everyone and that the best people were those people who explicated that their purpose in life was to help people who couldn’t help themselves.

My mother was a good person, ( albeit a bit naïve at times), she was a churchgoer and a member of more than a few charitable organizations.

She was president of the PTA in one district or another for 18 years.

My mother voted Democrat for the lion share of her adult life and my father, (who was less interested in politics), followed suit because he couldn’t imagine that my mother didn’t know what she was doing.

When I was a young man, fifty plus years ago, there was a (recognizable) divide between the platforms of Republicans and Democrats.

Today that divide has been replaced by “personal ambition and greed.” Socialist and communist doctrine run rampant in our colleges and universities –

The lion share of our current “government representatives,” and/or, politicians, are armed with law degrees from one Ivy League university or another.

America is in (lock down), and the bankers, and/or, “money lenders” are holding the keys.

working people 4

There are lots of honest hard-working people in America.

Obama's cabinet 1

There are no honest hard-working politicians in America.

Hold this thought from our 16th president; …

Abe Lincoln - fool the people

..and vote with your intellect, – not your heart.

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Mike from Redondo Beach,   (A Culture of Secrets and Lies).

I’ve been reading your blog off and on for the last six months, your series this week was top drawer. You had me drooling each day for the next, great format.

You should be ranked a lot higher by both Google and Bing.

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Hello Mike, thank you for your kind words and thank you for your attendance. I received several accolades this week for writing in a series – which wasn’t only fun – it’s actually easier than coming up with a new topic every day.

These last few weeks, dealing with bronchitis, – have been especially challenging – I still have a slight “residual cough” which is annoying, albeit nowhere near as annoying as two or three weeks without sleep.

God bless you all for sticking with me, I’ll be back tomorrow

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