A Culture of Secrets and Lies – Part four..

I know nothing 1a

Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. (born January 21, 1951) is the 82nd Attorney General of the United States, in office since 2009.

Holder, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama, is the first African American to hold the position of U.S. Attorney General.

Holder previously served as a judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and a United States Attorney.

page break - lies

On December 1, 2008, Obama announced that Holder would be his nominee for Attorney General of the United States. Obama praised his “toughness and independence.” Obama went on to say that “[Holder] is deeply familiar with the law enforcement challenges we face: from terrorism to counter-intelligence; from white-collar crime to public corruption.”

impressive words - page break

..but then, so are these;

As a result of the operation “Fast and Furious” investigation, Eric holder is the only cabinet member in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress.

..and for my two cents; “Violating the constitutions of two sovereign nations and selective prosecution at the behest of his boss doesn’t bode well for his portrayal as being fair and independent.”

Speaking of fair and independent; another class act in the venue of secrets and lies…

Senate Majority Leader Harry Re

..is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Harry Reid, (in my humble opinion), is a top-notch socialist soldier in the godless crusade to transform America from the last bastion of freedom and opportunity on the planet – into another godless – socialist/communist enterprise – controlled by the moneylenders from Austria.

Added to this leftist mix…

Pelosi - pass the bill

The inexplicable minority leader in the house, Nancy Pelosi.

Which, (in my humble opinion), places Nancy Pelosi’s view of America’s healthcare reform on the same plane with a box of breakfast cereal that offers a decoder ring.

Question: Just how (common) are these “crusaders” for the common people?

According to Webster: “com·mon,” (in context) Having no special designation, status, wealth or rank.

According to celebrity net worth.com…

Obama - kid from Kenya 1a

Barack Obama – $12.2 million

Joe is Slow 1a

Joe Biden – $500,000

Holder - It should be more 1

Eric holder – $5.7 million

mine is more

Harry Reid – $5 million

Pelosi - all put together

Nancy Pelosi – $100 million

Obama - were finished

From the beginning, everything out of Obama’s mouth and everything from his campaign was a distortion, and/or, ..an outright lie.

From his books, – to his birth certificate – Barack Obama and his presidency were a creation – a fantasy – a fraud.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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