DYNASTY - Reunion 1991

According to Webster: “dy·nas·ty,” A continuing succession of rulers from the same family.

Once again “boys and girls,” (our) founding fathers, founded America to be a Democratic Republic – not a Dynasty, – or a Dictatorship, – or a Cartel…

cartel graphic 1

According to Webster: “car·tel,” (in context) n. A combination of independent business organizations formed to regulate production, pricing, and marketing of goods by the members.

..or in layman’s terms;

organized crime - graphic

Question: Does America (the nation), need greater security to protect “Organized Crime,” and/or, (the greater portion of our elected officials), ..or do we, “We the People,” ..need to move in a different direction to secure America for those of us that provide America’s foundation?

the working-class - graphic 1a

Once again this morning, or should I say “our” teleprompter reading buffoons are still “heralding” from the bottom of the barrel which of (their) two picks for president in 2016 would be the better choice?

Clinton versus Bush 1a

..or would it be more correct to say;

stupid versus stupid 1a

In truth, (or at least in my opinion), America would fare better under the guidance of…

duck Dynasty TV show

..the Duck Dynasty,

According to Webster: “sad,” (in context) Unhappy, dark-hued; depressing and gloomy.

bush - clinton 1a

       Jeb Bush                                                       Hillary Clinton

Question: Can anyone out there with an IQ above thirty-six, imagine that out of a population of three hundred and fifteen million people – America’s mainstream media can’t come up with anyone other than the sad choices pictured above?

But then I suppose when you consider that “they,” America’s mainstream media…

eating sandwich

..backed this animal, ..not once, ..but twice, – judgment isn’t there long suit.

Supposition: It’s November 3, 2016 and a crack team of investigative reporters have just uncovered Barack Obama’s Kenyan half-brother’s birth certificate from beneath a file cabinet in the Hawaiian Hall of records – he’s a US citizen, so Barack signs an executive order establishing his brother as president of the United States for the subsequent four years.

goes wild

Returning to Earth for a moment, why don’t we simply throw up our hands, ..cut to the chase, ..and (appoint) a Rothschild?

Or here’s another idea…

trash direct

How about the guy that picks up my trash on Wednesday…

He knows his job forward and backward…

He works every day and he’s always on time…

He understands that his job is to serve the people…

..and he doesn’t peek in yer’ Windows!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…



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