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According to Webster: “faith,” (in context) Belief, trust and acceptance of God’s Laws and God’s will.

2. Belief that does not rest on empirical proof or material evidence.

3. Loyalty to a person or a thing; allegiance.

Belief in God is not a religion, believing in God is a personal relationship.

Religions are “organizations,” consequently (at least in my humble opinion), as organizations, (at some level, and/or, to some end), are all political.

Accordingly, being that God created man with the ability to reason and gifted him with free will, I personally believe that God is non-partisan when it comes to his disciples.

As I have stated before on more than a few occasions, I am not a religious man, yet I believe in God.

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Quite simple actually; My mother and father believed in God and I believed in my mother and father.

Question: My mother and father sanctioned by God gave me life, how could I not believe in God?

Within my journey (currently at 72 years), I’ve been audience to more than a few folks who have shared (their opinions) of God and his son Jesus who’s life he sacrificed to cleans our sins.

I’ve been in audience to many ministers who have heralded God’s miracles and righteousness…

Billiy Graham minister 1

Billy Graham

I have been in audience to ministers of ignorance who have heralded that there is no God…

Richard Dawkins - atheist

Richard Dawkins

I have also been in audience to ministers of lies, selfishness and greed…

my mother wouldn't lie to me 1 - Copy

Barack Obama

Men who will stand before others and advocate that they are there for a higher purpose…

Adolf Hitler - monster

Adolf Hitler was not a Christian

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(Stanley Ann Dunham).

Barack Obama’s mother was a young woman by the name of Stanley Ann Dunham who literally hated her father, (who was an atheist and a communist) for naming her Stanley, (a boy’s name), ..any way you cut it.

young Ann 2a

Young Stanley Ann Dunham suffered untold anguish and embarrassment from her peers growing up because of her father’s (stupid) decision to “tag” her with a boy’s name.

Admittedly, I do not have a “Masters Degree” in psychology, nor am I an idiot. Excluding (fire ants), nothing on this planet has the capacity to inflict more anguish and pain than an un-supervised child.

Accordingly, using my God-given right to cast my opinion, I believe that when Stanley Ann Dunham looked around the Russian language classroom she attended at the University of Hawaii – she was looking to select the one man that would most cause her father anguish and pain if she jumped in bed with him, – and of course, as we are all aware of now…

Obama senior 1

She chose the Muslim Goat Herder from Kenya.

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Question: Calling on your God-given powers of reason and deduction, how does the offspring of a hate filled atheist and an irresponsible Muslim grow up to believe in God?

Barack Obama - Muslim

He doesn’t…

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As I don’t write much about religion or about my personal belief in God, other than the fact that I have a personal belief in God, I don’t receive very many comments referencing God and religion.

Nevertheless, over time I have received a few and it is now I choose to use those few.

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Elizabeth from Baltimore,   (from more than a year ago).

My father was a minister for forty-four years until he passed away in 1979, my dad wrote a lot of sermons in his forty-four years behind the pulpit. My dad was a good man, he cared a lot about people. The way you write what you write tells me that you’re a lot like my dad, you care a lot about people too.

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Hello Elizabeth, (if you’re still dropping by after more than a year?), …

I have no argument with organized religions, (of any order), as long as they’re benevolent.

Homo sapiens, and/or, human beings, as I have stated in a few prior offerings, are benevolent creatures. By nature we are pretty much open to anything until we’re threatened or provoked.

At which point of course, we respond in (one of two) ways, we fight or we take flight, the same as every other sentient being on this planet.

According to Webster: “sen·tient,” (in context) Experiencing sensations and feelings; having consciousness.

In my view, one of the most troubling versus in the Bible is Genesis 1:27; …

“So God created man in his own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

So what does Genesis 1:27 tell you?

Applying my God-given common sense, Genesis 1:27 tells me that God is neither a man or a woman, God is an entity beyond flesh, beyond sex, and beyond politics.

God is what man was created to strive for, – mankind wasn’t created to strive for power and wealth. Mankind was created to strive for simplicity and harmony.

..and if you’d like to test my conjecture, write and tell me about a time (anytime), when you were happier than when you were holding someone you love.

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Ryan from the Fountain Valley,     (six months ago).

You wrote that you believe in God and that you believe that all people are basically good because all people are created by God.

If that’s true, then why are the people that we elect to public offices in our respective States or in our Nations Capital all corrupt and out for themselves?

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Hello Ryan, great question and the simplest one I’ve had to deal with in months…

have you ever owned a dog 1a

boy and dog 1a

If nature and history have taught us nothing more, they have taught us that the two most compatible creatures on this rock we live on are a man and his dog.

why do you suppose that is 1

man and his dog - graphic 2a

Simple; Because we are the two most trainable creatures on this rock.

Question: If (the) “We the People” in America actually want honest men and women in Washington D.C., all we have to do is retired of the old (corrupt) dogs/people before we place a (new/uncorrupted) puppy/person into the kennel.

The dogs, and/or, wolves in Washington, (old or young) for (better or worse), belong to us.

A dog isn’t much good without a master, but even worse, (at least for America’s taxpayers), a trained dog with an agenda driven master will bite you without hesitation.

All America needs to get back on track to its constitutional foundation is a new group of dogs and a responsible group of benevolent trainers.

come on folks 1a

Harry Reid - no puppy

How many of you would place a puppy in this guy’s hands.

Enjoy your Easter 1

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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