Connoting – Take a powder?

take a powder 1a

According to Webster: “con·not·ing,” To suggest or imply in addition to literal meaning.

take a powder - Graphic 2a

Slang; (circa 1920’s) Scram, leave immediately, disappear or stop doing what you’re doing.

Origin: The powder in this case is the type woman use on their face. Women used the phrase when in public to indicate their desire to “powder their noses”, or go to the ladies’ room to freshen their make-up or use the facilities.

“Take a powder” was uttered in many 1920’s period films to women accompanying “mobster types” in public. The most common usage was when the tough-guy didn’t want his lady around to hear the conversation. He would rudely explicate;

take a powder - Graphic 1

..which of course was an “impolite” suggestion to leave the room, ..and quickly.

Alternative: The phrase hails from the early days of medical science, before Modern manufacturing techniques, when most medications came in the form of powders that were mixed with water to drink. Many early medications contained Opiates (such as Morphine) intended to induce sleep.

Accordingly the association of “taking a powder” with sleep, and/or, sending one to the land of nod. (Source,

As a Homo sapien totally intrigued with life and all its facets, especially “communication,” ..from time to time I find myself (pondering) the origin of one thing or another?

Not that I’ve (actually) overheard anyone using the phrase; “take a powder” in the last 50 years, ..the phrase was quite common during my childhood.

texting - image 2

Probably because, (at least in my opinion), 21st century folks don’t have time for phrases or clichés, (with twittering), ..and (texting), comprehendible “missives” have been (condensed) to abbreviations and acronyms.

acronym - graphic 2

According to Webster: “ab·bre·vi·a·tion,” (in context) The act or product of shortening a word or a phrase used in writing to represent the complete form, such as; …

Massachusetts - map - graphic

“Mass.” for (Massachusetts), …

United States Marine Corps 1

..or “USMC” for (United States Marine Corps).

Question: How do (abbreviations) differ from (acronyms)?

According to Webster: “ac·ro·nym,” A word formed from the initial letters of a name, such as “WAC” for (Women’s Army Corps), or by combining initial letters or parts of a series of words, such as “radar” for (radio detecting and ranging).

acronym - graphic 1

Question: Now that you’ve all had a moment to “consider” Webster’s definition of (abbreviation) as well as his definition of (acronyms), many of you now totally understand the difference?

my take as well 1

A question for the “questioning”; How many of you that (have lost) your job, ..or have a friend or a neighbor that (have lost) their jobs during the Obama administration, know why you, your friend or your neighbor lost your jobs?

Does anyone think that it was simply bad luck or worse, bad decisions by corporate America and Wall Street?

Corporate America and Wall Street don’t depend on luck or make bad decisions, their world is made up of bankers and economist’s, bankers and economist’s never make decisions that affect them adversely, – you can take that to the bank.

Life at its foundation, the folks that provide the labor to keep the “money lenders” in tall cotton are as close to Webster’s definition of “good,” as humanly possible…

According to Webster: “good,” Being positive or desirable in nature.

money lenders want it all 3c

Man is, (without a doubt), a competitive creature and (as a competitor), man can be ruthless, venal, unscrupulous and even dangerous when it comes to competing for wealth.

Americans are a free people, and a free people, don’t belong to anyone, especially to the money lenders.

Our current body of politicians belong to the money lenders, thus, (at least in my opinion), our “current body” of politicians are not Americans as intended by our founding fathers.

A true American puts his or her nation’s (needs) before their own – our current politicians, (and by current), I include every President, (except John F. Kennedy), Senator and Congress person since (Pres. Woodrow Wilson), that has “sanctioned” the (FED), and/or, the Rothschild family to control America’s currency is not only un-American, but is a “treasonous” violation of his or her oath of office.

Vietnam wall - graphic 1

In the image above are displayed the names of 58,000 plus Americans who place their nation before themselves.

folks who vote Democrat

In the image above, (is my representation), of a typical family that cast their votes for Barack Obama’s (promise) of a “free lunch” and “free health care.”

Question: Why doesn’t America have a Commemorative Wall or a  Monument to celebrate lackeys (those that voted for Obama) and welfare recipients since they now count for half of America’s population?

Final question: …

abbreviation - graphic 1

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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