Polls, Polling and Polecats..

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A new poll out just this morning…

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It should, as there (is not) one teleprompter reading buffoon in America, ..male or female, ..that doesn’t give voice to that line at least once a day.

According to Webster: “poll,” (in context) A survey of the public or a sample of public opinion to acquire information.

Checking in with Wikipedia, ..we get;

Polling, or polled operation, in computer science, refers to actively sampling the status of an external device by a client program as a synchronous activity.

Polling is most often used in terms of input/output (I/O), and is also referred to as polled I/O or software-driven I/O.

Polling is sometimes used synonymously with busy-wait polling (busy waiting). In this situation, when an I/O operation is required, the computer does nothing other than check the status of the I/O device until it is ready, at which point the device is accessed. In other words, the computer waits until the device is ready.

Polling also refers to the situation where a device is repeatedly checked for readiness, and if it is not, the computer returns to a different task.

Although not as wasteful of CPU cycles as busy waiting, this is generally not as efficient as the alternative to polling, interrupt-driven I/O.

In a simple single-purpose system, even busy-wait is perfectly appropriate if no action is possible until the I/O access, but more often than not this was traditionally a consequence of simple hardware or non-multitasking operating systems.

Polling is often intimately involved with very low-level hardware. For example, polling a parallel printer port to check whether it is ready for another character involves examining as little as one bit of a byte.

That bit represents, at the time of reading, whether a single wire in the printer cable is at low or high voltage. The I/O instruction that reads this byte directly transfers the voltage state of eight real world wires to the eight circuits (flip flops) that make up one byte of a CPU register.

Polling has the disadvantage that if there are too many devices to check, the time required to poll them can exceed the time available to service the I/O device. Polling can be described in following steps:

1. The host repeatedly reads the busy bit of the controller until it becomes clear.

2. When clear, the host writes in the command register and writes a byte into the data-out register.

3. The host sets the command-ready bit (set to 1).

4. When the controller senses command-ready bit is set, it sets busy bit.

5. The controller reads the command register and since write bit is set, it performs necessary I/O operations on the device. If the read bit is set to one instead of write bit, data from device is loaded into data-in register, which is further read by the host.

6. The controller clears the command-ready bit once everything is over, it clears error bit to show successful operation and reset busy bit (0). (Source, Wikipedia).

Editorial: …

The poll that I was offered to both annoy and distract me this morning was a Fox news poll that proclaimed Hillary Clinton is two points ahead of Chris Christy in the race for the Oval Office in 2016.

With neither Hillary Clinton or Chris Christy having declared their candidacy for the Oval Office in 2016 – what value did the information, and/or, ..that (News) provide me?

Question: Has the News media in America become a game of what if? ..and if it has – where does it leave the folks that relay on the media?

Question: Have “We the People” depreciated from (proud to be an American), into “dismal” simpleminded “Corporate and Government consumers?

Question: If McDonald’s advertises there will be a Turducken sandwich on its 2016 menu, would you order one today?

stupid is - graphic 2a

(Listen to mama Gump).

With polling now understood by everyone (except for why people buy into it), let’s move forward and see if we can’t figure out that aspect?

To the best of my knowledge, unless of course Congress passed a law and Obama signed a since I sat down here awhile ago – human beings still have free will.

Which brings to question, (at least in my myopic mind), why have so many people in America currently forsaken such a wonderful God-given gift?

Obamacare - pixie dust 2a

Not to mention their “constitutional rights,” and for what – the promise of a free lunch?

In the America I grew up in, the good guys rode white horses and wore white hats – there were no computers, no iPads, no texting and no twittering. Just “adults and children” and each knew their place.

Adults understood the definition of the word responsible and children understood the definition of the word respect.

In 1945, then Pres. Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk that read; …

Truman - the buck stops here

Truman was respectful of this nation, responsible as a man and reliable as a president.

It was a “Grand” time in America.

Obama - the Buck  stops here 1a

Whereas Obama is disrespectful of America – incorrigible as a man and Irresponsible as a president.

It is (indeed) a “Sad” time in America.

In the America that I grew up in, the (worst of the worst) bad guys were known as polecats…

natures polecats 1

(Natures polecats – cute and curious).

According to Webster: “pole·cat,” (in context) A nocturnal mammal of the weasel family that ejects a malodorous fluid to mark its territory and ward off enemies. See skunk.

human polecats 1

(Human polecats – terrifying and intimidation to voters).

voter - voting 1

(An America Voter).

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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