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With more than 2000 responses to my “April Fools Week,” ..I begin today’s Forum with an apology to everyone that wrote a comment, “Conservative or Liberal” that didn’t get selected for publication.

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Henderson from Fort Worth,         (Socialism Personified).

My husband sent me your web address about two years ago while I was station in Afghanistan. I shared your website with everyone who had a lap-top or smart phone.

I still read your blog daily and now that I’m no longer in the Army, I thought you might like to know, your candidacy for Commander-in-Chief was discussed on a regular basis.

Keep swinging, America really needs to read what you write.

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Hello Henderson, thank you for being a “bona fide” supporter and thank you for your comments and your faith that I would be a preferable administrator to America’s current sovereign.

According to Webster: “prov·i·dence,” (in context) Foresight; preparation in advance.

In my Readers Forum published on March 23, 2014, in reply to “Thomas from Florida,” a disgruntled individual that was fervently opposed to the holiday Cinco de Mayo.

Thomas composed a manifesto to distribute via cyberspace in an effort to ban Cinco de Mayo because in his mind the holiday is disrespectful to America.

Which of course, (annoyed the hell out of me), as a native Californian, (prior to trans-planting myself in the rich soil of Western South Dakota), I spent more than a few May 5th’s celebrating to my full potential in a Sombrero and downing shots of Tequila with the best of them.

…and you don’t even wanna get me started on my fondness for enchiladas and Chile Rellenos.

Parking my taste beds and returning to Tom and his outrage, I told Tom that if he wanted American straightened out in a manner would suit all Americans, regardless of the color of their skin and their ethnic origin, he could raise the funds to get me elected to the Oval Office, and in so many words I told Tom that I would have America back to operating as our founding fathers intended in the first 30 days of my term.

So here I am, 29 days later with comments from more than 300 individuals specifically sharing their views and opinions of that statement.

Although my statement was indeed boastful and swaggered, I meant every word.

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Lynette from Chandler,     (America waiting in the Wings).

I’m a twenty-four year-old single mother with a seven-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son who trusted a boy I met in high school to honor his words when he responded to the minister at our wedding with the traditional I do.

My ex now lives with his mother and father who are financing his effort to get custody of my children. In the 6 ½ years that we were married my husband held three jobs that spanned a period of less than 18 months.

My husband was a boy when I married him, and since boys, when examined at their core are an unknown quantity, which is on me, because I ignored my parents. I know now that my father was right, there is a right way to live life, and a wrong way.

When I voted for the first time in 2012, I voted for Romney simply because he was a known quantity.

So what’s the moral of my story? An unknown quantity will disappoint you every time.

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Hello Lynette, thank you for your comments, your patronage and for your story.

I wished I could respond to you with something profound and meaningful. Albeit, after reading your “offering,” the first thing that came to my tired (overtaxed) old gray matter, is to plead with you to write my offering tomorrow.

If I was 50 years younger and single, I’d be knocking at your door. Chuck.

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Franklin from Milpitas,         (America waiting in the wings).

I’ve been reading your blog for several months now and I’m behind you a hundred thousand percent when it comes to the ignorance displayed by those who vote in America.

Crusader Rabbit - Page Break 1c

Hello Franklin, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for providing your opinion. With that said, I would feel remiss in my responsibility to the masses if I didn’t defend them with the truth that “Homo sapiens,” and/or, (people) are not born ignorant.

According to Webster: “ig·no·rant,” (in context) Unaware or uninformed.

Ignorance, as with knowledge, is taught and passed down from one generation to another.

It is (categorically) not within man’s nature to be ignorant as nature provides man (at his core) with the (innate) ability to distinguish right from wrong and good from evil.

According to Webster: “in·nate,” (in context) Of or produced by the mind rather than learned through experience.

Accordingly, (at least in my opinion), all people are good to some degree at some level.

As to the education of America’s masses; It is seriously and grievously questionable!

People are born with both needs and desires, no one is born a capitalist or communist.

Drop back anytime, you’ve been extremely inspiring. Chuck.

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Geraldine from Harrisburg,       (Purpose).

I’m not a psychiatrist, so I’m not qualified to diagnose your delusions, but as a disabled woman with eleven children and thirty-one grandchildren, I can sure testified that not all of us can make it through life without help.

President Obama is doing great things for the poor, so you and people like you should be ashamed of yourselves for demeaning and opposing him. That’s all I have to say.

Crusader Rabbit - Page Break 1c

Hello Geraldine, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment and your opinion.

As I have no knowledge of your disability, I will refrain from commenting. With that said, I have no qualms about taking you to task over your proclamation of giving birth to eleven children and requiring help because you’re poor.

Question: Did you ever consider the fact that you might be poor because you gave birth to eleven children?

Also, by the fact that you have given birth to eleven children, I feel confident that your disability isn’t associated with your re-productive organs…

Nor do I feel that your disability lies with your intellect as you present yourself very well with the words, which, by “process of elimination” leads me to believe that “your disability” is a lack of common sense.

Question: Have you ever seen the movie, “The Edge,” with Anthony Perkins and Alex Baldwin.

what one man can do 1a  - Anthony P

Then, ..if you still think you’re at a disadvantage, I give you…

Steven Hawkin 1

(Steven Hawkins).

Human beings, (in truth), are only “limited” by their own lack of investment.

I’ve enjoyed our collaboration, about you? Chuck.

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Beacher from Warren,     (Harry versus Charlie and David).

Up until I discovered your website, my opinion of bloggers occupied the ground between a moss covered rock and a snail’s belly.

With the Koch brothers bringing it down on the left, our side, the right side, Americans who believe in America for what it has to offer, opportunity and equality is back on the menu.

It’s about time someone published something worth reading, thank you, I’ll be back.

Crusader Rabbit - Page Break 1c

Hello Beacher, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your approval.

Although I agree, (especially in politics), it’s good to have a big guy on your side. With that said; it’s been my experience in life – through my commune with nature, that too much right can be as crippling as too much left.

According to Webster: “bal·ance,” (in context) A harmonious or satisfying arrangement or proportion of parts or elements.

Ask anyone who makes his or her living from the earth, short on rain, (drought), no crop. Too much rain, (flood), no crop.

Hope to hear from you again, Chuck.

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Natalie from Chula Vista,         (Law vs. Proclivity).

The U.S. Constitution was written over two hundred years ago by men who wore white wigs and knee stockings, rich men that believed it was wrong to make them pay their fair share for the tea they drank.

What President Obama is doing is finally getting around to making wealthy people pay their fair share in our economy, that’s a good thing.

Crusader Rabbit - Page Break 1c

Hello Natalie, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your input, although it’s as un-representative of America and as skewered as a shrimp shish kabob.

As time is limited, and I’ve already chewed this piece of meat more times than I have fingers and toes, …

Instead of “elaborating” again, (I challenge you) “return” next week with at least one example of something, anything, that Barack Obama has done that (benefits America).

Any nation with a population that puts its welfare before the welfare of the nation, a nation whose population will find themselves without a nation.

John F. Kennedy said it best when he projected; …

Kennedy - asked not 2

John F. Kennedy was an American who put his life on the line for America. – Barack Hussein Obama is an individual who has put America’s life on the line for his “communist” agenda.

Wake up and smell the Brimstone, Chuck.

We the People - Page Break 3a

Dwight from Silver City,       (Rules – there are No Rules).

My father celebrated his 75th birthday in January and his gift from the Obama administration was a notice of cancellation from his insurance company.

My dad is presently in a quagmire of confusion over whether or not he currently has health coverage? My wife and I have both been on the federal exchange site and we couldn’t find a solution.

My father is a veteran of Vietnam, so he is presently seeing a military physician at a VA clinic more than 100 miles from his home.

Although transportation is provided for my dad, in his words; “By the time he gets to the clinic, the travel is the reason he needs to be there.”

Is it fair that my father, who is a Purple Heart recipient, has to have his life turned upside down so that a guy who grew up protesting everything America stands for can bump fists with his socialist buddies and say; “we did it.”

deceive - graphic 1

(Image provided by the management).

Crusader Rabbit - Page Break 1c

Hello Dwight, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your story and your question.

Pretty much every comment I considered for publication in this week’s forum was a difficult decision, with the exception of yours.

It’s missives like yours that make me wish “even harder” that I had a (magic wand) like Harry Potter to solve or “dissolve” the world’s problems.

Not that owning a magic wand would relieve me, or anyone, of making decisions.

This coming November Forth, the citizens of this nation will once again have the opportunity to convey “their” wishes for America via our constitutional right to vote.

The last three major elections, 2008, 2010, and 2012 were dominated by the idea that not casting your vote for Barack Obama would somehow be a racist, and/or, bigoted.

Accordingly, America now has a health care law that 70% of the population was adamantly against, …

Obama - I won Graphic 1a do things like this happen?

FEAR - Page Break 2

Question: Why on earth would anyone fear a black person?

Editorial: Could it be because statistical (black folks) kill each other at a rate “ten times” the rate that “any other race” kill’s each other, – and that’s just in Chicago.

On the bright side, the black folks that are not occupied with living off of the taxpayers and killing each other, are, (at least in my opinion), every bit as patriotic and hard-working as any other American, ..of any ethnicity, ..or any color.

People by nature are governed what they’ve been taught and what they believe, not by their ethnicity or the color of their skin.

good is good - page break

Drop back anytime, you were a great inspiration, Chuck.

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Beverly from Williamsport,    (Rules – there are No Rules).

I’m married to a black man and I have three black children, my husband is a wonderful man and my children are as well behaved as any that you’ll find anywhere in America.

People like you who judge people for the color of their skin are the problem in America. Why can’t you allow people to think what they want to think and believe what they want to believe?

Crusader Rabbit - Page Break 1c

Hello Beverly, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comments. With that said; “I like you to step back and take a breath, then ask yourself this question; “Did I log on to Chuck’s website, – or did he log on to mine?

I don’t write this blog because I care what color you are, or what color your husband and children are. I write this blog because I care about America, – and “whether or not” the freedoms that I enjoyed in my life will be available for your children in their lives. Wake up and smell the police state in your children’s future.

We the People - Page Break 3a

David from Hollister,     (American History in 60 Seconds).

I’ve been reading your blog for a year and a half and after reading your Forum – Flying through Flak – I’ve read several volumes of Riders of the Purple Sage. Great reading, ..and Lassiter – he’s a hell of a dude, – he’s almost as cool as you.

Crusader Rabbit - Page Break 1c

Hello David, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comments.

I purposely saved your offering for my finale today, ..if ever there was a (natural born) politician, I truly believe that your picture would be the one that Merriam-Webster would select to use in their dictionary.

Yes indeed, Lassiter is a hell of a dude, for you, ..I have this overwhelming feeling that you’re standing above me and I’m dangling on a string below…

Don’t be a stranger, Chuck.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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