Law versus Proclivity..

I'm the president 3a

Which of course is “categorical ” Bull-S(   )t!

The truth, historically (in fact or in fiction), Homo sapiens with (tinted skin) the same as “automobiles” with (tinted windows) is a special feature provided for the comfort and protection of the individual within that skin.

comfort and protection - graphi

Qualities, (at least to Homo sapiens, and/or, individuals that consider themselves civilized), look for when we purchase a home, and automobile and/or, especially the close we wear on a daily basis.

difference and diversity 1a

Nancy and Marilyn 1

The truth, historically (in fact or in fiction) there “isn’t” a man on this planet that isn’t pleased by the fact that God created women with diversity.

Nor is there a woman on the planet that isn’t pleased by the fact that fashion is more than a definition in Webster’s…

fashion on the street 1a

Fashion week in New York

crazy orange car

Can you imagine if there were only one make and model of automobile on the planet, ..and you had to convince your girl friend to ride with you?

Opportunity and freedom of choice was always the hallmark of America until “progressive individuals” with a proclivity for ignoring the law in pursuit of personal gain chose to “damn” the Constitution and sell America into bondage and servitude with Woodrow Wilson’s signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Which of course, (at least in my opinion), laid the foundation for the “circumstances” that America currently faces with the “unconstitutional” (passing and signing) of “Barack Obama’s” signature (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act).

Beginning with…

other people's money 2a

..and moving on to;

signing Obamacare 2

Signing Obamacare.

Statement of fact; Every communist in recorded history has fervently believed that he and his ideology is the way to go.

shit hits the fan 1

The problem with communism, when the people finally come to understand that “they” belong to the leader – not the other way around, the feces hits the rotating blades every time…

Constitution and gavel 1

So here we go again folks, Barack Obama, by the document penned by our founding fathers, does not have the authority to make up the rules as he goes along, nor does chief justice John Roberts.

King Barack 2

How many times do I have to repeat myself, America is not a monarchy or a dictatorship…

a free nation under God

America is the last free nation, under God on this planet, (for our sake, ..the sake of our children, ..and our grandchildren), let’s keep it that way.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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