Readers Forum, Expected!

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April fools week 1

Last year and the year before I provided a tribute to April 1, and/or, “April fools day.”

So this year I decided to change things up, and, (at least in my opinion), my resolve was well rewarded.

My purpose was to extract a reaction from you, the folks who support my mission to shrink ignorance and liberalism.

ignorance is not bless 2  - yel

According to Webster: “ig·no·rance,” The condition of being unaware, or uninformed.

This week I received one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven comments from individuals across America and from around the world.

blowing eyes in the dark

At first my solicitation’s were congenial and curious, albeit when I posted “socialism personified” for the third day, the observations began to turn dark.

angry mob 1

On the fourth day, a typical, or, (adequate portrayal) would definitely be considered unwholesome.

the hanging tree

On the fifth, and/or, last day of my frivolity, my congregation was literally ready for a lynching…

According to Webster: “con·gre·ga·tion,” (in context) A body of people.

According to Webster: “lynch·ing,” (in context) To dispatch or execute without due process of law; as by a mob.

question - page break 1

only one left 1

..except for Patti Nan, Lisa, Kimberly and Ellie Mae, I’m

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit and your friend…

I'm not your Savior - graphic 2a

To Patti Nan, Lisa, Kimberly and Ellie Mae, I’m uncle Chuck.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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