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Last week mother nature provided us with a bright hope for spring, (at least until Friday), when she summarily dumped 3 inches of snow on my driveway.

How does that go? Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. 🙂

Oh well, life like that, some days the candy bar, – and some days the wrapper!

Let’s get started…

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Joel from Laredo,               (Political Science).

Hey there, I’m currently a political science major in my third year at one of America’s premier Ivy League universities and I need to tell you how much everyone here appreciated your article entitled political science, except for my professor who is so intolerant of anything conservative his (blank) squeaks when he walks down the hall.

So I copied your presentation, (hope you don’t mind), and left it on his desk. Talk about locking a guy’s spurs, your take on Obama still has him three shades of red.

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Hello Joel, thank you for visiting my site and for sharing your adventure, nevertheless as a “responsible mature” adult in a (public arena), I can’t condone your action.


The following paragraph is not for public consumption, it’s for Joel’s eyes only.

(off the record),

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I once placed a tarantula in the top drawer of my sixth grade teacher’s desk – which of course, provided the desired effect, for (about 20 seconds), after which she carried it straight to me with instructions to return it where I got it.

So for your sake I’m hoping that your professor is less wise and worldly than my sixth grade teacher.

I’m not sure about the moral of your story, albeit the moral of mine is; “you can’t win ‘em all.”

Thank you for participating, drop back anytime. Chuck.

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Loretta from Brooklyn,           (Bleak).

I’ve been reading your weblog for three weeks now and it seems to me that you have an obsession with denying poor people the same healthcare that’s available to rich people. Why is that?

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Hello Loretta, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for comment, your opinion and your question.

I grew up during and after World War II in the 40s and 50s in a poor working family. My parents, (that’s plural), because I had both a mother and a father, (a rarity in the 21st-century).

My parents raised six children without a penny’s worth health insurance because my dad spent the Lions share of his time in the American workforce as self-employed, ..and/or, an independent contractor.

In the 40s and 50s families didn’t “run” to the neighborhood clinic every time someone stubs a toe or got a boil on their butt.

We had a medicine cabinet in our house that held alcohol, iodine, aspirin, gauze and tape, ..which took care of pretty much every hazard, and/or “boo-boo,” that befell my family, with the exception of the time my youngest brother walked into the side of a car traveling at an unsafe speed.

Not for the car, but rather for my brother who ended up with a broken arm and abrasions beyond the scope of my mom’s aspirin, gauze and tape.

A lot of folks like to tout that growing up in the 40s and 50s was a simpler less violent time, and I suppose that’s true, but simply because there were fewer people, ..not because they were better people.

Kids, (at least the ones in my neighborhood), had the same number of fists as kids everywhere. The difference, (at least in my house), we were “taught” that our hands were tools to be utilized in the pursuit of doing our chores, (not weapons), to be used for defense or aggression.

Daisy red Ryder 2a

I bought my first rifle with money earned doing chores with my hands at age five, it was a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun with a saddle ring and a likeness of Red Ryder himself pressed into the stock, ..and it was without a doubt, one of my most treasured possessions.

Since then, over the years I’ve owned more guns than a lot of small nations, and I load my own ammunition, ..but most important, ..I obey the law and since America hasn’t started selling tags for human beings, (yet), ..unlike (young folks) in many of America’s metropolitan neighborhoods, ..I’ve yet to bag myself a “Homo Sapien” over a holiday weekend.

My point, (if you’re interested), it doesn’t matter what time in history your journey takes place, if you’re a good person with minimal “common sense,” (don’t need) the government to to run your life, can provide for yourself.

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Samantha from Bay City,     (Inflation, is it by design).

My brother told me about your website in December and I’ve done my best to keep up. I’ve been old enough to vote since 1991, but I didn’t know anyone who voted, so I didn’t either.

I’ve worked most of my adult life as a waitress, which is an occupation specific to doing what you’re told, when you’re told.

I’ve been married three times, I have four children and I’m currently going through my third divorce.

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because my husband at the time voted for Barack Obama. Although I didn’t finish high school because I got pregnant, I’m not a stupid person, I just never shared that fact with anyone before.

Once I started reading your blog, I learned more about how America works and doesn’t work in the first 30 days, than I had in the previous 30 years and I truly thank you for that.

At the risk of sounding like a whimpering crybaby, where the hell were you when I was 15?

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Hello Samantha, thank you for visiting my site, and for your question, and for your story.

Beginning with your question, as the voting age in 1991 was 18, that would place your time of birth in 1973, …

From January 1, 1973 until March 3, 1973 I drove a truck delivering feed to Turkey growers in Southern California.

On March 3, 1973, I “exuberantly” began my employment with Rockwell International Corp, “North America Aviation Division” in Palmdale California as a member of the team building the B-1 “Lancer” Bomber…

B-1 Lancer 1a

I worked for Rockwell for eighteen years until a back injury that required surgery put me on a downhill path to medical retirement, and/or, (out to pasture).

Anyway, as I interpret your parting words, I believe that you are asking for my advice and that is appreciated.

Accordingly, I’ll impart to you what I impart to everyone that seeks my advice on which party or which candidates I think our best for America?

First and foremost, research, be aware of the individual man or woman that is seeking your vote.

Then when you enter the voting booth with your ballot, check for any and all the names preceded by the word (incumbent), and immediately disregard them as a choice.

America is a Democratic Republic, wherein the power of the government is derived from the public, (that’s you and me), “We the People” the people that have been disrespected in the process for more than 100 years now and that, (at least in my opinion), is more than long enough for any group of Homo sapiens to tolerate disrespect.

When it comes to democracy, money only matters to those who disrespect democracy. Without diminishing the power of money, as we all know it to be our life’s blood in our current society.

According to Webster: “cur·rent,” (in context) The present; here and now.

Which is (irresponsible), accordingly, what America needs, are folks who understand and care about the fact that they, their friends and their families are not what America is about.

No individual, man or woman that has ever ran for or held the office of President of the United States has been less forthcoming with who he is than Barack Hussein Obama.

Politicians everywhere, “at all levels,” ..have but one interest, (getting the job) and keeping the job.

Currently politicians cater to big money interests to get the job, – what “we the people” have to do is enlightened those that want to occupy a (public office), that they work for the people, “all the people,” not just the people with money.

If the people in this great nation ever come together and (pink slip) every man woman and child that draws a salary from our federal treasury – “We the People” will once again be in charge.

In closing; to relieve you, (and anyone else) from the burden of inquiring where in our federal government that we employ a child, I give you…

bumper car 3

Don’t be a stranger, Chuck.

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Rachelle from Oceanside,             (Downsizing).

Why don’t you call my grandmother and tell her about your childhood, she was born in 1943, so what? That was a long time ago, this is the 21st century and black people don’t work for white people anymore.

Obama is the president of the United States, a black man is in charge, get over it.

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Hello Rachelle, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment.

As to knowing how to tell time and the difference between the 20th century and the 21st-century. – I’m good!

As to your notion that black people no longer work for white people, ever hear the Rothschilds? Everybody works for the Rothschilds, black, white, brown, ‘er chartreuse?

It doesn’t matter, if you live in America, or any nation on this planet that uses money as a medium of exchange, you work for the Rothschilds.

As to your claim that a black man is in charge, maybe “you” need to reconsider the definition of in charge…

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Just in case you missed my offering on Friday…

According to Webster: “de·lu·sion,” (in context) n.A false belief or opinion.

I write what I write to provide information for Americans, no matter what color the American is.

Drop back anytime, Chuck.

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Sarah from Tarpon Springs,            (Unit).

I’ve been reading your blog now for what will be a year in April and it just keeps getting better. Especially on Sundays when you post your readers forum, keep up the good work, Sarah.

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Hello Sarah, thank you for your comment and thank you for being a regular and thank you for appreciating my work.

I wish I could post everyone’s comments but there just isn’t time. Drop in again soon, as I really enjoy accolades, Chuck.

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Dean from Fallon, Nevada,       (The Power Of Aplomb).

You were totally off the page on Friday, I almost fell off my rock. You definitely have a gift for convergence!

Keep it up my friend, I’ll be back tomorrow to.

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Hello Dean, thank you for your comment, your compliment and your participation. I thought it was pretty damn funny myself. Check it again, Chuck.

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Joanne from Milwaukee,       (One is a Lonely Number).

Hi there, I love teddy bears more than anything, well almost anything. I’ve been visiting your website since June and I’ve shared you with my family and all my friends, 31 to be exact, we all love your staff. Keep it going, especially your readers forum on Sunday.

forum - response

Hello Joanne, thank you for sharing your (affection) for teddy bears and for sharing my site with your family and friends.

According to Webster: “friend,” (in context) n. One who supports and sympathizes with…

I think everyone who participates in appreciating what I write.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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