family unit


A family is a unit, which (traditionally), in human society has always been in first place.

Question: What is a human?

human - at its best

(This is a human – at its best).

According to Webster: “hu·man,” (in context) Possessing the positive aspects of character that distinguish human beings from other animals.

Question: In reality, what actually distinguishes humans from other animals?


Humans are the only animals that recognize themselves and their mortality.

Question: Are human beings units?

absolutely 1a

According to Webster: “u·nit,” (technically) An individual, a group, a structure, or other entity regarded as an elementary structural or functional constituent of a whole.

Request: Please describe a unit to me in simple terms.

As I opened today’s offering with an image of a family that I defined as a unit and some of you are still confused, I will take it a step further.

gang unit 1a

This is a gang, ..a gang is a unit.

gang member 1a

This is a gang member – a gang member is a unit of a gang.

unit - page break 1a

me - 1965. 2jpg

When I was in the Army, I was a soldier, …

weapons squad, Vietnam 65

..a soldier is part of a unit, i.e., a portion of a larger group.

Question: What’s the difference between a soldier and a gang member?

A soldier is accepted and revered by human society, while a gang member is tolerated and despised.

Question: How does a military unit differ from a gang unit?

point of view - page break

America - unit

A nation, ..like a family, ..is a unit.

human - at its best (2)

Our current leader, is pretty much an empty shell without a clue as to how to lead a nation. So our current leader relies on the teachings of his mother and his grandparents, all of whom were activists and atheists, i.e., (godless people) that believed in socialism and communism.

Obama feet on Desk 2

In traditional structure, a nation has a leader, who currently in America is a fellow by the name of Barack Obama.

Question: How did this individual that we know as Barack Obama become the leader of America?

He had no (traditional) history as a veteran or a champion of industry, ..he had no “real” history as anything dynamic.

He had a short and confusing history as a child and a citizen of Indonesia where he attended a Muslim elementary school.

Obama - college 2a

He had a short and confusing history at Columbia University as well as at Harvard law school.

Saul Alinsky - Obama mentor

He had a short and confusing history in Chicago as a “Saul Alinsky” wannabe, and/or, a “Community Organizer.

unit - page break 1a

Question: Is a community organizer a gang leader?

deceive - graphic 1

point of view - page break

Question: Is Barack Obama a gang leader?

America and its taxpaying citizens deserve a lot more than a self aggrandized gang leader in the White House.

I simply stretched the truth 1a

It’s time for Americans to wise up and start treating the race card like the N-word as neither have any meaning in the real world – mind games are for children.


Nations belong to adults 1a

A parting thought to ponder; “Every time someone concludes a debate with you by calling you a racist, ..you won!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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