downsizing - value

According to Webster: “down·siz·ing,” (in context). To make smaller: like the year after year decline in household income in America since Barack Obama took office.

Currently, there is a push on to raise the minimum wage…

raise minimum wage 1

Giving people more money that isn’t worth anything, isn’t a solution. It’s simply adds to the problem of inflation, making those in control of “our” money wealthier while making those of us who depend on money less viable in the marketplace.

In my formative years, one of my mother’s favorite phrases was; “waste not want not.”

By today’s standards my mother would be considered “old-fashioned,” albeit when my mother went to our pantry it was never empty.

waste not want not

According to Webster: “pan·try,” (in context) A small room off the kitchen where food is stored.

Both my mother and my aunt, who were very close, both had a full understanding and appreciation for Mason jars.

Mason jars in a row

According to Webster:Mason jar n. A wide-mouthed glass jar with a screw top, used for canning and preserving food. Named for [John L. Mason (1832-1902), American inventor.]

Preparing and storing food in Mason jars was no easy task, however since folks weren’t distracted by iPhones and iPads when I was a lad, “tasks” were an excellent way to past time.

By today’s standards in my formative years, my family could have been the (poster child) for poverty. My father was in the Army air Corps, so we lived in government housing one step up from a Quonset hut…

Quonset hut 1

(Quonset hut).

Of course, the great thing about being a child in the 1940s, I didn’t know I was poor. My mother knew what a ration card was, but I didn’t.

By the time my parents enrolled me in school, the war was over, my father was home making two dollars a day working construction seven days a week, ..and another (two dollars) at night working as a night watchman.

Accordingly we lived in a real house with a real yard with real grass and real trees.

Consequently, if you take the time to think about it, America doesn’t need a larger government with more entitlements…

father and son 1a

..American simply needs more fathers that support their families.

We have a Federal Department of Education, yet the “Lions share” of (America’s children) and (America’s adults) ..are absent the knowledge that “our” Treasury Department isn’t allowed to access “our” treasury.”

Nor is “our” Congress, whose “constitutional duty” is to (issue and value) “our” currency, in fact, no agency of “our” government has had access to “our” treasury since 1913.

During “our” last corporate (bailout), it was touted from sea to shining sea that the “mega financial corporations” that we were (bailing out) were too big to fail.

David and Goliath 3

Question: If David (a mere boy) didn’t believe that Goliath was too big to fail, why did we, America, (as the strongest nation on the planet) buy into the government rhetoric that some folks are too big to fail?

The money in America’s treasury, is (tax dollars), i.e., “our” dollars, we put it there, (and gladly), to (secure and maintain) “our” freedoms.

Not to provide for miscreants like the Rothschild family and those among us who are too lazy to provide for themselves.

Rothschild mansion - Austria

(The Rothschild Family Home in Austria).

Question: Where in the U.S. Constitution or in our history, is it written that the American taxpayers are (bound) to provide for the aristocracy of a foreign nation?

The great thing about “our” democratic republic is, “We the People,” don’t need a sling and a rock to take Goliath down as David did, ..all we have to do is cast a vote to bring “our” monster down.

vote - red pencil 1a

Please cast your next vote in favor of America, ..instead of yourself.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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