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America’s children are not only America’s future, they are America’s heritage.

Accordingly, (if we consider ourselves true Americans), we have to ask ourselves, what do we want for “America” and what do we want for “America’s children?”

Do we want the “Godless” socialism/communism that Barack Obama is moving America towards, or do we want the “free” America that our founding fathers, our forefathers and (we) fought for?

My first contribution this week is from a woman who wishes to remain anonymous because she not only voted for Barack Obama twice, she actively campaigned for Obama – twice! 

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Name and address withheld by request,       (Obamacare).

I am a black woman with a medium wage clerical job for the city in which I reside. I am married with three children at home, a son in the Marine Corps and a daughter in college.

My husband is disabled with diabetes and severe rheumatoid arthritis. So when Barack Obama promised us universal healthcare he became my Messiah.

In November 2013, the city cut me back to thirty hours a week, on January 2, 2014, I was called into the personnel office and notified that my health insurance was no longer in effect.

In a conversation two weeks ago with a man who works in our maintenance department, I remarked that Barack Obama’s true nature was never provided by the press in defense of my ignorance.

Which promptly got me; No excuse, the news media is as corrupt as our government, followed immediately by; “you have a computer right there in front of you,” if you want to know what’s going on in the world, it’s in there.”

Then he typed in the address to your website and I couldn’t believe what I read. It takes a while to swallow a crow, and although it didn’t taste like chicken, I thank you for providing the recipe for me to understand that America is about more than the color of our skin.

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Hello Andralyn, (aka), nameless. As I have never received a more moving or courageous “communication,” than yours. I can’t in all good conscience allow you to remain nameless.

Thus, for today I christen thee “Andralyn”, which according to, is an American name which means (courageous and beautiful).

So my new friend, thank you for visiting my site, thank you for your story and welcome to America, Chuck. 

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David from Seattle,   (Readers Forum – Children of the Corn).

In reading your forum last week, because you posted all the Obama freaks in the first half, I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone left in America who wasn’t living up inside his butt. I liked it better when you alternated back and forth.

Help me out, I have a weak heart. David 

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Hello David, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment and for your suggestion.

I will not only take it into consideration, I will implement your suggestion in my next segment. Thank you again, Chuck. 

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Marcus from Redwood   City,         (The good old Days).

Is there no depth to which you old people won’t sink to justify what can’t be justified? Corporate America is destroying the middle class and if they’re not stopped, this entire country is going to end up like Stockton, San Bernardino, and Detroit. 

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Hello Marcus, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment. The tone of your writing suggest that you are a younger person, albeit old enough, to be employed, paying rent and buying groceries?

Which of course, leads me to believe that you’re old enough to understand that the free lunch promised by the liberal free lunch bunch isn’t a reality.

Sadly, California, the state of my birth (at this time) is in the hands of the (self aggrandized) free lunch bunch and those that would tell you and your neighbors whatever you want to hear to keep them eating high on the hog while you and your neighbors grovel over the hooves.

God provided you with common sense and free will, while the U.S. Constitution provides you with the right to vote for your representatives. When elected representatives in the U.S. focus on (representing themselves) rather than their constituents, life’s comforts and amenities go north to your Congressman and Senators while they head south for the folks who pick up the tab.

There’s no mystery to what goes on in American politics, or in politics anywhere on the planet. Every problem in America when and where they occur, can all be traced straight back to the ignorance of the American voter.

Accordingly, since you folks in California love your Democrat representatives, don’t be crying to us old conservatives.

Without greedy corporations producing the products that you drive, eat and sleep on,’d have a lot more to cry about.

I’ve enjoyed our visit how about you? ..’old Chuck. 

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Lottie from Fort Worth,    (A Penny for your Thoughts).

I’ve been reading your blog for about three months now, or a little longer and I have a question. But first, I have to ask, if you didn’t finish high school, how did you acquire such an amazing vocabulary? And if you don’t have anyone helping you, how are you able to write as much as you write about so many different things and design the graphics too?

My sister writes for a small town newspaper in Nebraska, and she’d like to know as well.  Lottie 

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Hello Lottie thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your questions.

To answer your first question, how I acquired my vocabulary when I didn’t finish high school? I rely on Merriam-Webster a lot.

According to Webster: “vo·cab·u·lar·y,” The sum of words used by, understood by, or at the command of a particular person or group.

Without intent to sound like a braggart, I’ve spoken to a lot of folks over the last 72 years, beginning with the simpler words like ma-ma and da-da. Although I didn’t finish high school, I did quite well in grade school, and/or, (grammar) school as it was referred to when I attended.

According to Webster: “gram·mar,” The study of how words and their component parts combine to form sentences.

So there you go, if I would’ve quit grammar school, instead of currently writing a blog, I’d probably be sitting on a Street corner somewhere with a tin cup and a cardboard sign that would have (undoubtedly) been written by someone else.

As to how I’m able to post what I post, I use an “old,” and/or, antiquated version of Broderbund’s “Print Master” (platinum 18.1), and my imagination to create my graphics.

As for the text that I provide, that’s easier yet. I simply strain the knowledge I acquire through research with my God-given common sense.

According to my unheralded, unabashed and unpublished Pearlsofprofundity Dictionary; “common sense,” v. The ability one retains when their brain is not subjected to “progressive liberal” tenets.

Enough fun for the moment, ..the (truth), ..old people don’t sleep much. Have a great day, Chuck. 

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Booker from Albany,         (It’s not about black and white).

I’ve been reading your blog for about seven months and although I believe that you believe what you’re providing is valid information, it isn’t.

Shakespeare wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

That also holds true for misinformation and propaganda, especially when it comes to politics and religion.

Politics is accepted as a creation of man, so why can’t you Christians except that religion is a creation of man? 

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Hello Booker, thank you for being a patron of my blather and thank you for your interesting opinions, ..but no cigar.

Although I can agree with you that politics and religion were both created by man, I cannot agree with you that God does not exist, if for (no other reason) than we are at this moment discussing him.

I have no problem with atheists and agnostics, why do you have a problem with Christians?

Do you believe that atheists and agnostics are intellectually superior to Christians?

If that were true, wouldn’t it make sense that our currency would display the words, “In (Nothing) We Trust?” Instead of; 

in God we trust - currency

The individual pictured below is an American citizen who exercised his rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution to petition our courts with his grievance.

He had his day in court, “our Supreme Court” and his petition was denied, not because (he doesn’t) have the right to (not believe in God), albeit because he does not have the right to inflict his beliefs upon others.

Michael Newdow challenged the words; “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Ran on: 06-15-2004.

Photo: (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli (source,

Michael Newdow - atheist 1a

Michael Newdow looks down at the fax copy of the Supreme Court’s ruling preserving the phrase “one nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance outside his Sacramento, Calif., home Monday, June 14, 2004.

The court ruled that Newdow could not sue to ban the pledge from his daughter’s school and others because he did not have legal authority to speak for her or them.

Unless you’d like to wave your rights under our Constitution (not) to believe in God, then I would suggest that you cease campaigning to eliminate (my right) under our Constitution (to) believe in God.

Have a nice day fella, and may (nothing) bless you, Chuck. 

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Dorothy from Colorado Springs,    (Political Science).

I began visiting your website in January and now I am totally addicted. The way you present what you write is absolutely amazing and even better, you provide information about so many things that I would never even think to think about.

Keep it up, I’m in for the long haul, Dorothy. 

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Hello Dorothy, thank you for joining the pack and thank you for your kind words. Accolades are what we in the business of sharing our thoughts survive on.

Drop by anytime the spirit moves you, thanks again, Chuck. 

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Thomas from Florida,                       (About).

To my Fellow Americans and Citizens, … Please Honor this request and also Pass this on to both Family and Friend!!

Subject matter; …

This is a Respectful Request for your Non-participation, Non recognition, and Non promotion of the day (commonly) known as “cinco-de-mayo”.

This occurs every May 5th.

Before you realize it, many naive Americans will be Disrespecting our History and the Tragedy that surrounds this era. Such recognition of this “cinco” day is a Blatant performance of Disrespect towards our American History, our country and it’s people, our Military Veterans and our need to understand the War crimes against Americans and America.

What right do we have to disregard and ignore the sacrifices of those who gave up so much, so we can cherish so much more.

I submit the following to you in the hopes that you will agree and consent to the wishes and request I have set before you.

This request is not for my-self, nor for any personal whim or desire. This is strictly for the decency and solemn respect for those Americans, before us, who have given so much so their childrens’ future and our present day America could flourish in our pursuits of Freedom and Happiness.

We cannot and should not forget what they gave us, and how others shamed and desecrated America’s history, and the existence of these Faithful Americans.

America Remembers,……. The Alamo, and Day at Goliad.


In deference to my readers, I choose to skip the next twenty paragraphs of Thomas’s toxic “manifesto” and proceed to his closing.


Please Walk away from “cinco”, and the dark history behind it, and embrace the America we know, and should Love. Thank You.

Your Neighborhood Vietnam Veteran and Fellow American.

Tom Pastore. 

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Hello Tom, as you made no reference to reading any of my offerings, I have no reason to thank you for visiting my site.

With that said, if you are indeed an American citizen and a Vietnam veteran, I am personally ashamed of you.

Not simply because you are bigoted against a particular group of people – but because absolutely nothing you wrote in your manifesto equates to the real reason why Mexicans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

A summary history lesson just for you…

Cinco de Mayo is a (regional) celebration held on May 5. It’s celebrated in the United States. It’s also celebrated in parts of Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla, where the holiday is called El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (in English): The Day of the Battle of Puebla).

Cinco de Mayo has its roots in the French occupation of Mexico, which took place in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War of 1846-48, the Mexican Civil War of 1858, and the 1860 Reform Wars.

These wars left the Mexican Treasury nearly bankrupt. On July 17, 1861, Mexican President Benito Juárez issued a moratorium in which all foreign debt payments would be suspended for two years.

In response, France, Britain, and Spain sent naval forces to Veracruz to demand reimbursement. Britain and Spain negotiated with Mexico and withdrew, but France, at the time ruled by Napoleon III, decided to use the opportunity to establish a Latin empire in Mexico that would favor French interests, the Second Mexican Empire.

French invasion…

Late in 1861, a well-armed French fleet stormed Veracruz, landing a large French force and driving President Juárez and his government into retreat.

Moving on from Veracruz towards Mexico City, the French army encountered heavy resistance from the Mexicans close to Puebla, at the Mexican forts of Loreto and Guadalupe.

The 8,000-strong French army attacked the much smaller and poorly equipped Mexican army of 4,500. Yet, on May 5, 1862, the Mexicans managed to decisively crush the French army, then considered “the premier army in the world”.

Mexican victory…

The victory represented a significant morale boost to the Mexican army and the Mexican people at large. “Although not a major strategic win in the overall war against the French, Zaragoza’s success at Puebla represented a great symbolic victory for the Mexican government and bolstered the resistance movement.”

Over time, “The Puebla victory came to symbolize unity and pride for what seemed like a Mexican “David” defeating a French “Goliath.” Which helped to establish a much-needed sense of national unity and patriotism.

unity and patriotism 1

Grand and admirable qualities regardless of who you are.

Accordingly, (not my friend), with your current attitude, I find myself unable to judge you as anything other than a waste of space.

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My oldest friend on this planet is a Mexican, he and I served in the Army together from March 1964 until March 1966. We both served in Vietnam in the same company, the same platoon, the same squad. 

Roper and Rico - Vietnam 1a

Although I readily admit that there is a difference between Ed and I, has nothing to do with the color of our skin or our character or our dedication as Americans. 

I'm taller than he is 2a

History records that on June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, the Duchess of Hohenberg, were shot and killed in Sarajevo, by Gavrilo Princip, one of a group of six assassins.

It is believed by many that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was the single event that sparked World War I. 

true or false - Red 1a

On December 23, 1913, then Pres. Woodrow Wilson signed into law H.R. 7837, i.e., (the Federal Reserve Act of 1913).

Question: Did Gavrilo Princip, or any one of his group of six assassins have the money to prosecute a war that would last for more than four years?

absolutely not

Question: When Adolf Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, did Germany or Hitler have the money to prosecute a war that would last for more than seven years? 

absolutely not

Question: When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, did the Emperor of Japan have the “wherewithal” to prosecute a war that would last nearly 4 years? 

absolutely not

Question: On December 8, 1941, when Franklin Roosevelt announced America’s entry into the second world war, did “we” have the cash to wage war, both in the South Pacific and in Europe?

absolutely not

Question: Why do you suppose that is?

Because if you want to start a war on this planet, you have to first ask permission from the Rothschild family, … 

mother Rothschild 1

..because when it comes to buying the amount of bullets and beans required to wage a war, the “Rothschilds” are the only game in town.

Question: Why do you suppose that is? 

Because on December 23, 1913, then President Woodrow Wilson signed the (Federal Reserve Act of 1913) into law, assigning the “Rothschild family” and the Bank of England total and unfettered access and sovereignty over every tax dollar you and I pony up.

Question: Wanna hear something else “not” funny?

In 2010 the U.S. taxpayers paid the Federal Reserve Bank $280 billion in interest on money borrowed by America from America.

Accordingly Tom, it would be my advice that if you truly want to rail against someone who is “disrespectful to you” and this nation, you might want to start in Washington D.C. and then head for Austria.

Or a simpler task would be to raise enough money to elect me to set in the Oval Office and I’ll straighten the world out in my first 30 days.

In closing Tom, I would like to leave you with this thought to ponder; “the only true threat to the human race, is the human race.”

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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