A Secret.. You can Believe In..


I’ve been banging my cup against the bars that the anti-American progressive liberals installed around America in 1913 when Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Banking Act into law…

Rothschild family tree 1a  graphi

..for a tribute of $80,000 from the Rothschild family. 

I’ve spread the word over the last 45 years, to anyone, man, woman or child who would give me five minutes of their time.

The first time I heard the name Rothschild I was 22 years old serving in the U.S. Army just prior to deployment to Vietnam in 1965.

Our orders hadn’t been made official yet, so every insurance agent and insurance salesman within 100 miles of Ft. Devens, Mass. was on post peddling life insurance policies and the troops were buying them up like they were tickets to a Bob Dylan concert.

A $10,000 policy was eight dollars a month, so I bought three, and for no better reason than they were eight dollars a month.

Of course, I was a little more discerning and most as I questioned the validity of the policies being sold to soldiers on their way to a combat zone?

The answer I got from the agent that I was dealing with satisfied my concerns, while at the same time left me confused, as his answer was, (not verbatim), Business is business and this is good business, I make money, the Rothschilds make money, and everyone is happy.

It wasn’t so much that he uttered the Rothschilds name, but more the way he verbalized it, ..as if the Rothschilds were very important.

As there were no computers, iPads or smart phones in 1965 I had to physically make a trip to the post library to satisfy my curiosity.

In an effort to make a long story a little shorter, being that I can take on the characteristics of the proverbial dog after the proverbial bone, in the following days and weeks I read everything I could beg borrow or steal concerning the Rothschild family until I had painted the most disturbing picture in my mind that my imagination could conjure.

Although I have always respected myself as being an above average storyteller, the video I bring you today is probably the best example of a device devised to be understood by anyone and everyone.


(double click the URL above and please pay close attention)

The presentation is 29 min. 54 sec. in length, and well worth your time if you believe yourself to be a true American.

thank you - page break 2a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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