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A great number of the questions I receive on a regular basis are questions wanting to know; “Why I so adamantly pick on Barack Obama, progressive liberals and atheists?

According to my (one-off), “Pearlsofprofundity” unabashed and unpublished dictionary: “progressive liberal,” 1. The (sad product) of misunderstanding. 2. The (to be pitied product) of anti-American teachings. 3. An (anti-constitutional scumbag) with a degree in liberal arts.

As for atheists, (in my humble opinion), Godless folks are the saddest of all. 

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Darren from Allentown,    (Readers Forum – Mind Games).

You should put your real name and your home address on what you write so people like me and Ronald from Trenton could stop by and explain to you rich white fools why your yesterdays news.

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Hello Darren, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment. (with etiquette satisfied), …

I’ll show you mine, ..if you show me yours. 

To begin, I have to assume that you’re quite young, and quite stupid for issuing a threat against me over the Internet.

I believe it would also be fair to assume that you’re not quite up to date on your man Barack’s obsession with reading your emails?

When I replied to the email address (as I make a point to do with all the email that I receive via my comment dock) it was returned by my Internet provider as (undeliverable, no such address).

Something for you to ponder my friend; “People without feet, don’t need shoes.”

Have a great day!  Chuck.

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April from Oregon,        (Breaking up is hard to do).

Oh, Chuck, this country was not formed to be a Christian country. Our founders wanted no part of a government run by religion. Morals and ethics, yes, of course, but not religion.  Go in peace. 

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Hello April, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comments and your insight…

As I stated in my opening, “we all believe what we believe.”

Concerning what I publish, ..what I (publish) is also what (I believe) and any time I come up short on (understanding), I take the time to search beyond my “Fetchin’ up,” to include my (common sense), and my “cultivated” (fancy) to find the best truth.

As I have made it abundantly clear in the past, I didn’t finish high school and I have stated the reasons why…

Not that my reasons for “quitting” school has any merit or would be something that I’d recommend to another, … 

it worked for me 2

George Washington and God…

The exact nature of George Washington’s religious beliefs has been debated by historians and biographers for over two hundred years.

Unlike some of his fellow Founding Fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Patrick Henry, Washington rarely discussed or wrote about his religious and philosophical opinions in any great detail, yet he frequently displayed a humble and gracious respect towards Providence in his personal letters and public speeches.

George Washington was baptized as an infant into the Church of England, which, before the American Revolution, was the state religion of the colony of Virginia.

George Washington - Christian

George Washington was a Christian. 

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America is a Christian Nation. 

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readers forum - Constitution

Where is “God” in the Constitution?

The mistake “modern secularists” make is obvious. They take a (twentieth century concept) specifically “secularism” and read it back into the Constitution.


They take a concept that didn’t even exist in the eighteenth century and attribute it to the framers of the Constitution.

Unfortunately, this is a very common mistake. The fact that the word “God” does not appear in the Constitution means little.

It is actually a rather “shallow” observation. The reality is “God” is in every word of the Constitution, including the punctuation.

Below the surface of the words in the Constitution, there are a mountain of ideas that made its formation possible. The belief that God exists and that all nations of the world are subject to Him sits on the summit of that mountain.

As the Supreme Court of Florida said in 1950: “Different species of democracy have existed for more than 2,000 years, but democracy as we know it has never existed among the unchurched.

A people unschooled about the sovereignty of God, the ten commandments and the ethics of Jesus, could never have evolved the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence or our Constitution.

There is not one solitary fundamental principle of our democratic policy that did not stem directly from the basic moral concepts as embodied in the Decalog and the ethics of Jesus, and no one knew this better than our Founding Fathers.

Even if the word “God” was in the Constitution it probably wouldn’t make any difference.

Secularist groups like the ACLU would probably dismiss it as a mere formality.

There are fifty reasons to believe that this is true. Since “secularists” have always dismissed any and all references to God in the state constitutions, there is no reason to believe that they would behave any differently with the federal Constitution.

A secularist’s commitment to secularism (will not allow) for the possibility that (he or she might be wrong).

Interestingly, in 1915 there was one state supreme court which said that the reference to “in the year of our Lord” in the U.S. Constitution was a reference to Jesus Christ!

For a more in-depth discussion of how monotheism and the Ten Commandments influenced the U.S. Constitution read new my booklet: “The Ten Commandments For Beginners.” Visit: for ordering information.



I could easily continue providing examples of Christianity’s influence in the founding of America, albeit to save time, I’ll only provide one more… 

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Having never had a close relationship with an atheist, I have always wondered if they demand payment for their labor in rubles or yen?

Have a great day April, (and if it’s fitting), a Merry Christmas as well,   Chuck. 

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Handfire from Coeur D’ Alene,     (Blame).

Been reading yer jabber for more than a year now, this week has been the best yet. I know you say you don’t have any help, if that’s true, God bless you and keep your powder dry.

I got the nickname “hangfire” because my weapon of “their choice” in Nam was the M-60 as well.  Ben.

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Hello Ben, aka “Hangfire,” thank you for visiting my site and thank you for hanging around.

As to enjoying this week’s “jabber,” I enjoyed writing it, (or more correctly), dictating it to my Dragon. Greatest program ever for old guys with no skills.

Nam was another time, and not a good one, if you’re looking for a weekend activity to recommend to a friend.

The M-60 was a great date as long as she started talking when you tickled her trigger. Stateside, I can’t count the number of times my lady developed laryngitis when she was cold, nothing worse than hearing a click when you expect a bang. So it’s a good thing that it was hot in Nam, especially for those of us who took her to the dance.

I’ve always wondered how many of us are left? Until now, it’s just been Ed and me, ..Ed’s a youngster I served with in ’65, his birthday is the 22nd of this month, ..mine was the 26th. of December.

When I was twenty, no way in hell I thought I would ever be seventy-two, ..what a trip.

Drop by again anytime…  Chuck. 

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Alex from Prescott,   (Blame).

Just returned from Afghanistan, home a week now, my mom turned me onto your gig. Great stuff. I’ve sent your URL to some friends in the land of sand, most cases these days, the truth hurts, but the way you’ve written it this week, it’s funny as hell. Keep it up, the world needs more funny, lots more. Alex

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Hello Alex, thank you for visiting my site, thank you for your service, your support and spreading the word.

I did my boot camp at Fort Ord, California in ‘64, running on the beach at Seaside wasn’t something I ever developed a fondness for, accordingly in its wisdom, the Army sent me to Ft. Devens Massachusetts where we ran on a flaccid carpet of multicolored maple leaves in the summer, ..and up to our butts in snow in winter.

Neither were fun, ..albeit both were preferable to “sand” and the (feces laden) rice paddies in Vietnam.

But the real best thing of all, (at least in my opinion) would be when the good folks in America finally decide to elect a man, or a woman who would be both smarted enough and inclined to focus on governing this nation in a manner that it wouldn’t be necessary to kill one fella to feed another.

Thank you again for your service,  Chuck. 

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Jason from Denver,     (Blame – Volume 2,3,4 and final).

I’ve been reading your blog since September and I haven’t read anything so far that I haven’t enjoyed. I have especially enjoyed it this week, God bless you and keep up the good work. Jason 

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Hello Jason, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for enjoying it, as well as sharing that fact.

Writing a blog, and/or, sharing my thoughts and opinions with the world has been both a challenge and an interesting journey.

As a lad, I developed a taste for both challenges, (in learning to hunt), and journeys, as every hunt, (was a journey).

Life is a challenge and a journey that we all face and travel, however as God provided us all with free will and common sense, (at least in my opinion), ..those of us who follow his path, aren’t burdened by the ignorance of greed and politics.

Have a great day,  Chuck. 

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Janet from Scottsdale,      (Blame – Volume 2).

I love your analogy comparing the Obama’s to Frank and Jesse James, although when I stopped laughing I realized that it does a terrible disservice to the James brothers. 🙂

Keep it up, my whole family loves you. Janet 

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Dearest Janet, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comments.

At my age, and with my bad ticker, it’s always gratifying to hear from people who love me…

Tell the family that I’ll be there for Thanksgiving, uncle Chuck. 

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(Name withheld) from Fort Worth,   (Blame – Volume 3).

As a Nam vet, and as an American who spent twenty-three years teaching American History, Government and Political Science to freshman in Fort Worth, I salute you on the effort you put into your post.

Keep it up. (Name withheld by request). 

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Thank you (name withheld) for visiting my site and for your service, both for putting your ass on the line in Vietnam and (also) for putting “your ass on the line” in a classroom full of teenagers.

In 1969, 1970, and a portion of 1971, I was employed as a school bus driver for Quartz Hill high school, in Quartz Hill California, (my day job), while I “pursued” (my evening job) as a professional wrestling.

Both were entertaining and fulfilling, albeit wrestling paid a hell of a lot better. 

Drop by for a chat anytime, Chuck. 

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Geoffrey from Manhattan,       (Blame – all week).

I started reading your blog in August of last year with your post entitled; “O’Reilly’s Reality,” and I was so impressed that I have not missed a word that you’ve written sense.

I may read your posts a few days or even a week or more a late, nevertheless (I get’er done). So I agree wholeheartedly with Colin from Prestwick Scotland that you’re wasting your talent in this media.

However, in opposition to Colin, I vote that you continue to post your nimble wit, as this week’s posts have been one of the cleverest shaggy dog stories I’ve ever been caught up in.

Thank you again and God bless you for your service. 

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Hello Geoffrey, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your kind words. Accolades are always appreciated and on those occasions when my better half won’t let me have a cookie after dinner, they give me something to fall back on.

I thank you and God bless you,   Chuck.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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