Blame – Volume 4

Vietnam loss - blame 1

When I “stepped off” yesterday, ..I was expounding on (my experience) with the profits and losses of war.

Which is unequivocally displayed in the image above, as, (at least in my opinion), no one that has experienced the loss of a man’s life in combat can put a dollar value on it.

Lyndon Johnson - blame 1a

(Lyndon Baines Johnson).

That task falls to the bankers and the politicians who initiate wars for power and profit.

For me and my war (Vietnam), Lyndon Baines Johnson was the initiator that ultimately brought an “estimated” 3.8 million lives to an end. 

legacy - page break 1a

According to Webster: “leg·a·cy,”  (in context) Something handed down from a predecessor.

Question: What force in the universe could possibly drive a man to disregard 3.8 million human lives?

And of course, the only answer possible, (in my opinion), … 

greed and indifference - page b

Barack and Michelle partying

According to Webster: “greed,” (in context) n. An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.

indifferent - blame 1

According to Webster: “in·dif·fer·ent,” Not mattering one way or the other.

Although it is (my opinion) that Obama, like his predecessors is completely “indifferent” to the destruction and loss of life in the prosecution of war. I in no way wish to promote the idea that Obama is indifferent to Americans civilian population, as he has, at least in (my opinion), as “grand a purpose” for the population of America as a Southern cotton grower in 1860 had for the people he owned.

1860 plantation 1

According to Webster: “own“er,” (in context) n. To have or possess as property. 

Obama care - Constitution 1a  - Copy

Obamacare - page break 4

In a word, “Obamacare” pretty much says it all…

According to Webster: “care,” (in context) Supervision: to be in charge of; overseer. in (my opinion), our current egomaniacal commander-in-chief, has and has always had no other agenda than that of.. 

change keep out 3 was his number one go to “rhetoric” throughout both his first and second campaigns.

Question: For those of you who (possess the competence), to judge, are “you and America” (better off today), five years into the Obama administration, than “you and America” were prior to his election?

A few more questions…

cost of living - graphic 1a

Are you paying more or less for your cost of living?

NSA spying - graphic 1a

Are you content with knowing that your government has access to every scrap of information pertaining to you and your family, personal financial and medical?

Obamacare 2014

Are you pleased with the uncertainty that you are currently facing when it comes to healthcare? 

White House golf course

America was not founded to be a playground for the political elite…


There are a whole lot of pictures of George Washington on the Internet and there are a whole lot of pictures of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren and Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman and Eisenhower and Reagan and Kennedy, Ford, Clinton and the Bushs’, …

Barack Obama - pondering 1

..albeit, by far, (believe me when I tell you), there are more pictures of Barack Obama than all the others put together. 

and none are comforting - graph a Conservative. 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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